Jessica Jones was created by Jesse Pinkman


Krysten Ritter portrayed Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend in Breaking Bad and played Jessica Jones six years later, which may not be a coincidence.

AMC networks’ breaking Bad and Marvel Jessica jones are both very pleasing and impactful examples of modern television in its heyday. Beginning in 2008 and 2015 respectively, breaking Bad and Jessica jones received extensive praise from critics and audiences alike for their exploration of dark themes and masterful cinematography, acting, visuals and sheet music.

When breaking Bad and Jessica jones After the broadcast ended, viewers had a chance to reflect on everything they had seen, which led to a few theories. It seems implausible that a black superhero crime drama and a neo-western crime drama are linked, but there is one common thread: Krysten Ritter. This rejected an interesting theory focused on Jessica Jones and Jesse Pinkman.

In breaking Bad Season 2, Jesse Pinkman rented an apartment and met his neighbor, Jane Margolis, played by Krysten Ritter. Six years later, following the meteoric success of breaking Bad, Ritter has been cast as the main character in Marvel’s darkest Netflix series to date: Jessica Jones.

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In his summary of a compelling fan theory submission for Jessica jones, Total nerd posted a sobering argument suggests a link between Jesse Pinkman and Jessica Jones. Its general concept suggests that Jessica jones is the fictional creation of Jesse Pinkman, given that Krysten Ritter plays both Jessica Jones and Pinkman’s late girlfriend. After escaping the methamphetamine business, Jesse imagined a fictional character who paid homage to his former lover. Jessica and Jane share similar attributes and exhibit identical behavior, as well as substance abuse issues. Supposedly, Jesse even named the character after himself.


Theoretically, if the theory applies, the entirety of Jessica jones was just a figment of Pinkman’s imagination, when he created Jones, so he made the entire three-part show in the Netflix series. Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos spawned the Jessica Jones concept in 2001, eight years before Jane’s initial appearance and another 14 years before Marvel’s. Jessica jones broadcast. Given that, it would be impossible for Jesse to have imagined the private investigator as the timeline places Jones in the A.k.a series of graphic novels, long before Jesse Pinkman met Jane and gained inspiration.

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On the other hand, the comedic version of Jessica Jones and the live-action version are considered separate interpretations of the character. Taking into account that breaking Bad was introduced seven years before Jessica jones, there is a remote possibility that Jesse Pinkman created Jones in loving memory of Jane, who suffers an unworthy death.

Additionally, Jane, being the talented artist she was, modeled herself as a superhero character, “Apology Girl,” in order to make amends with Jesse after an argument. Jane’s choice to reinvent herself as a superhero could be important for the inspiration of her fictional heroine alter-ego, Jessica Jones.

As with any theory, credibility is a matter of perspective; some theories can be extremely convincing but still flawed, while others are so ridiculously far-fetched they must be true. If the crime-based universes are linked, Marvel fans will owe their gratitude for Ritter’s portrayal of Jessica Jones at breaking BadIt’s Jesse Pinkman.

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