Jessica Henwick revealed her short film was shot entirely on smartphones


The ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ star wrote the movie while filming ‘Knives Out 2’. What’s more: everything was shot over the phone.


It’s not really new for an actor to take the reins of directing: just watch Maggie Gyllenhaal, tear through the rewards circuit with his new Olivia coleman-LED The lost girl. But it’s still exciting to see how a known amount on camera would work behind her. Matrix resurrections Star Jessica henwick, in a conversation with British GQ, revealed how she was making her own short film and, what’s more, it was done entirely on a phone.

The actor was “busy writing, directing and starring in his own short film,” says the play, titled Bus girl. He co-stars Harry potter Star Evanna lynch and Daniel portman, also an illustrious alumnus of Game Of Thrones. The article describes the film as a “love letter to the art of cooking in an upscale London restaurant” and as “partially inspired by Henwick’s pandemic-induced obsession with trying new recipes”. The food was, apparently, on the brain. The film was shot entirely on a series of Mi 11 smartphones, and the manufacturer Xiaomi played a central role in the making of the film.

“I had written a few short films in the past,” Henwick tells GQ, but Xiaomi pushed her to direct it first:

“And I was like, ‘You know what, I’m done with the shorts. They’re too hard. I need more time to really get on with them. […] I am happy [Xiaomi] were pushing me. I had fallen into the trap that many of us fell into, which was, “I’m not really. I’ll know when I’m ready. The truth is, you’ll never know when you’re ready. You just have to do it. “

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The film was shot with a crew of fifty over three days during a break from filming knives outside 2. “In pre-production, I was in Greece doing remote work, researching locations by video call. Then I flew to England, made the short film and two days later , I flew to Serbia to complete the second half of Knives Out. “It’s a stubborn work ethic there. We’re going to have to start calling it multi-cut Jessica Henwick now – she’s not just an actress anymore! I wonder what Söderbergh would have to say about shooting a phone? And how many times has she had Sean baker on Whatsapp? We assume these are questions for the first feature profile.


Catch Henwick in Matrix resurrections when it comes to theaters on December 22.


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