Jessica Chastain from the 355 shares her thoughts on female spy movies


Not that she’s been particularly quiet over the past half-decade, starring in movies like Molly’s game and It: chapter two, corn Jessica chastain had a record year. She is eagerly awaited to be in contention for her lead role and makeup in Tammy Faye’s eyes, playing the eponymous real-life televangelist; in September, she and Oscar isaac were the talk of the city of Venice for their steamy date on the Scenes from a wedding red carpet, in which the pair shared the limelight. Now, ahead of her release next year, she has spoken to Empire magazine about her upcoming film. The 355, a female-led spy action film with a feminist punch.

The film offered the Hollywood heavyweight an opportunity to tip the scales when it comes to the portrayal of women in spy films, including double-0s. In his words:

“I have the impression that the film industry really got it wrong about the female spies. […] They described them as jars of honey, and that is not the reality of the situation. Women weren’t used for their bodies, they were used for their minds, which is a more interesting concept. “

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Chastain’s comments come months after the release of the latest Bind Title, No time to die, which includes Lashana Lynch as one of the first female agents in the series. She comes in as Bond’s spiritual and nominal successor, taking her nickname 007 after the iconic super spy, played in the film by Daniel craig, withdraws to Jamaica. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Lynch described her casting as a step in the right direction, stating: “I am very grateful to be able to question these stories. […] We are moving away from toxic masculinity, and this happens because women are open, demanding and vocal, and speak out against bad behavior as soon as we see it. “

The 355 focuses on a global coalition of secret agents — American Mason “Mace” Brown, German Marie (Diane kruger), the British tough guy Khadijah (Lupita Nyong’o) and Colombian Graciela (Penelope cruz) – who embark on a murderous and frantic mission to recover a top secret weapon from the hands of a group of rogue mercenaries. As the action skyrockets around the world, from cafes in Paris to markets in Morocco to lavish auction houses in Shanghai, the quartet of women must forge a tenuous loyalty that could protect the world … or them. get killed. The title of the film is derived from Agent 355, a Patriots spy during the American Revolution.

The film is set to explode in theaters on January 7 next year. Empire has also released an exclusive new image of The 355, which you can consult below:

Image via Empire

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