Jessica Capshaw’s Favorite Steven Spielberg Movie Isn’t the 1 She Was In


Steven Spielberg had such an outsized impact on the entertainment industry that it’s hard to overstate his influence. Besides being one of the richest filmmakers in the world, Spielberg has been the director of some of the most iconic films in cinematic history. His recent work includes West Side Storybut Spielberg’s deep filmography dates back decades and includes multiple Oscars.

The director also has an interesting connection with actress Jessica Capshaw (best known for playing Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy). When asked about her favorite Spielberg movie, Capshaw surprisingly didn’t choose which one she starred in.

Jessica Capshaw and Steven Spielberg are family

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Jessica Capshaw is an actress known for her long career in Grey’s Anatomy. She played Dr. Arizona Robbins from 2009 to 2018. Since then she has appeared in the romantic comedy Holidays and will have a lead role in the upcoming drama Dear Zoe.

Capshaw also happens to be Steven Spielberg’s stepdaughter. She was just eight years old in 1984 when her mother (Kate Capshaw) starred in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, one of Steven Spielberg’s classic hits. At the time, Spielberg was involved with Amy Irving. After their marriage and divorce, he and Capshaw began a relationship. In 1991, they officially married, creating a blended family of artists.

Jessica Capshaw Was in a Steven Spielberg Movie, But It’s Not Her Favorite

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Jessica Capshaw had a small role in the 2002 action movie Minority report. The film, titled by Tom Cruise and based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, explores a dystopian future in which authorities arrest would-be murderers before they can commit their crimes.

Despite its appearance in this hit, it’s not Capshaw’s favorite Spielberg film. While giving a video interview for People, Capshaw answered a series of questions she pulled from a vase. She didn’t even hesitate when asked which of her famous stepfather’s films was her favorite: “My favorite Steven Spielberg film is HEY

Capshaw is definitely in good company. The 1982 adventure film features an adorable alien and the efforts of a kind-hearted child to help him escape from Earth. The Numbers reports that the film has grossed $793 million worldwide, making it Spielberg’s eighth-highest-grossing film and the longest-running top-10 title. It also holds a special place in Spielberg’s heart because the director explained how making the film — and working with a precocious 6-year-old Drew Barrymore — let him know he wanted to be a father.

Steven Spielberg has 7 children

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Jessica Capshaw is Spielberg’s eldest child, but he has several other children. As Hollywood Life reports, Spielberg had one child from his first marriage, a son named Max Spielberg. Kate Capshaw adopted Theo Spielberg before her marriage to Steven Spielberg, and the director adopted Theo after his marriage to Kate. Spielberg and Kate Capshaw went to welcome four other children: Sasha Spielberg, Sawyer Spielberg, Mikaela Spielberg and Destry Spielberg.

Jessica Capshaw is probably the most famous of the bunch. But several of the kids have made inroads into entertainment. Sawyer Spielberg is an actor who appeared in horror Honeydew. Sasha Spielberg is a solo musician and plays one half of folk duo Wardell alongside her brother Theo Spielberg. Destry Spielberg is a model with some acting credits. Mikaela Spielberg is an actress working in the adult film industry.

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