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Halloween 2021 is almost here, and scary new films are filling the release window for the end of October as audiences crave the electric thrill of fear. Horror fans received Halloween kills, the sequel to the franchise reboot from 2018 on October 15, and still have Last night in Soho and Drink to look forward to. Both films have kept horror fans’ mouths watering since their announcement and both have seen multiple extended delays to their release. Drink was scheduled for release in April 2020, and Last night in Soho was scheduled for September 2020. They should now be released on the same day. To know more Last night in Soho, check out our breakdown of everything we know about the movie. But to know more Drink and how to watch it when it comes out, read on.

Antlers is a new horror film from Scott Cooper (Black Mass). Written by Nick antosca (New cherry flavor), VS. Henri chaisson, and Scott Cooper, and produced by Guillermo del Toro and David S. Goyer—Two legends of genre cinema—Drink is based on a short story by Nick Antosca titled “The quiet boy. ” Keri russell (Americans) and Jesse plemons (Im Thinking about ending things) depict siblings living in a small town in Oregon. Plemons plays Paul Meadows, the sheriff, and Russell, a college professor. The two find themselves embroiled in the investigation of a strange child in one of Russell’s classes. The investigation goes beyond their knowledge and expertise as they discover that the city is grappling with paranormal – or perhaps primordial – phenomena that can only be found in folklore and tales of horror. Check out one of the very revealing trailers for a dose of dread and teasing from the dense atmosphere of the image. With its release date fast approaching, here’s where to find Drink.

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What is Drink“New release date?


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Like many films over the past year, Antlers’ original release date has been significantly delayed by the pandemic. But the wait is over: it’s safe to say it finally arrives on October 29. As a Fox Searchlight image of a prestigious director with great horror producers attached, Drink will likely be in a theater near you. Google, Fandango, Moviefone and many proprietary apps directly related to franchises and movie chains will soon be updated to include times for Scott Cooper’s latest photo.

With the pervasive coronavirus pandemic, be sure to check your local safety guidelines and any theater restrictions before booking your tickets.

East Drink Broadcast online?

Drink will be exclusively in theaters on October 29. With a year and a half to make its way into subscription streaming and VOD, and the obvious persistence in securing its theatrical release, it’s safe to assume Drink will only arrive in streaming after its release from theaters.

While Searchlight Pictures is unpredictable in its decisions of what goes where and when, watching their treatment of The night house is a probable model for Antlersthe release schedule of. Both suffered significant delays in their theatrical releases, but both received an exclusive theatrical release. Less than two months later, Searchlight made The night house available for digital purchase October 5. The home rental release date coincided with the DVD and Blu-ray release on October 19. Yes Drink is on a similar timeline, he’ll be home in time for the holidays!

East Drink Getting good reviews?


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When the film’s premiere was announced for Beyond Fest 2021, festival founder Christian Parkes said: “Drink features intense scares, spectacular creature, gripping storytelling, accomplished performances and the thrilling vision of Scott Cooper at the helm. We know our audience will travel to the heart of the monster for this nifty nail biter. It is an honor for us at the American Cinematheque to welcome Scott again, as we celebrated his genre films from Mad heart To Out of the oven over the years.”

The film transferred to the 57th Chicago International Film Festival before its final stop at the Telluride Horror Show less than a week later. The first opinions for Drink are mostly positive. It currently sits at 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, and early reviews are applauding the cast’s performance, with particular recognition from the youngsters. Jeremy T. Thomas like the traumatized young boy stalked by mythical monsters of the woods. While most of the reviews are aimed at the film’s genre intent, horror fans might rejoice at the excessive ghosts of this creature feature.

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Co-writer and director Scott Cooper’s catalog of writing and directing credits is celebrated for his meaty drama and intricate character work. All his films have a cornucopia of actors and actresses capable of carrying an image on their own. In his directorial debut, his adaptation of the novel Mad heart, through Thomas cobb, won three Oscar nominations. Jeff Bridges won his first and, to date, the only Oscar for his performance as a folk, alcoholic, country and exhausted musician. The film won the Oscar for the original song, The Weary Kind, performed by Ryan bingham– who worked with Cooper on Hostiles also. Although this is his first film, it remains his highest grossing photo. Cooper’s collaborations with Christian Bale, Out of the oven and Hostiles, struck audiences and critics alike with their poignant and ugly performances. And Johnny Depp in Black MassCooper’s highest-grossing film is transformed by special effects and his own skills. His performance as the razor-eyed Whitey Bulger is intimidating and sinister.

All this to say his association with Keri Russell, whose profession and talent have earned him several Emmy nominations for his role in the FX spy saga, Americans, and the versatile Jesse Plemmons on a horror drama is literally thrilling. The film also features a pair of Oscar nominees in Amy madigan (Twice in a lifetime) and Graham Greene (Dance with the wolves) next to Scott haze (Minari) and Rory cochrane (Argo) to complete the killer cast.

What’s next for Scott Cooper?

Cooper’s next project, The pale blue eye, a mysterious murder that the director described to Deadline as “… my attempt at a large-canvas thriller, with a serial killer at its center,” is already in pre-production. The film, adapted from the historical fiction novel of the same name by Louis Bayard, takes place at Westpoint Military Academy in 1830. A retired detective named Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) is called in to solve the case, and he calls in a young cadet named Edgar Allen Poe (Harry melling). But before The pale blue eye start to shoot, catch Drink in theaters from October 29.

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