Independent Belarusian Filmmakers Condemn Russian Attack on Ukraine – The Hollywood Reporter


A group of Belarusian filmmakers, many of whom fled their authoritarian homeland to Ukraine in 2020, published an open letter condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and demanding that Russian troops leave the territories of Ukraine and the Belarus.

“We are outraged that the Russian aggressor is using our territory to launch deadly missiles towards Ukraine,” the group writes, in English, Belarusian and Russian. Russian troops currently advancing towards the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, launched their attack from Ukraine’s border with Belarus to the north.

Among the approximately 80 signatories of the letter are Volia Chajkouskaya, founder of the Northern Lights Film Festival, actress Anna Polupanova (Kupala) and director Aliaksei Paluyan, whose award-winning documentary Courage depicts the popular uprising against the Belarusian dictatorship in 2020. Ukraine has been home to many Belarusian artists and filmmakers who fled the dictatorship of Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko.

Read the statement below in full.

Dear Ukrainians, dear international community, dear fellow filmmakers,
We, the Belarusian film community, strongly condemn the Russian military aggression against
Ukraine. We are outraged that the Russian aggressor is using our territory to launch deadly attacks
missiles to Ukraine.
Many Belarusian filmmakers have been welcomed and supported in Ukraine after the repressions that we
suffered in 2020. We express our firm solidarity with the courageous Ukrainian nation which, without fear
fight for the freedom of their country. As people of art, we clearly see the difference between the
the good and the bad. There is no room for evil in real life.
We ask Russian troops to leave the territory of Ukraine and Belarus.
We demand an immediate end to the war.
Slava Ukraine!


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