“I only wanted a virgin who hadn’t kissed”


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhry made her acting debut with the 1997 film ‘Pardes’ starring Shah Rukh Khan. Before entering the cinema, the actress appeared in several commercials and a few modeling assignments.

Mahima has delivered powerful performances in his career with films like “Dhadkan”, “Daag”, “Lajja” and others. After spending decades in the industry, Mahima Chaudhry finally said some things about the industry out loud in one of his interviews with the Hindustan Times.

Mahima didn’t hesitate to speak her mind and say that the film industry was “much more male-dominated” than it is now. She further stated that the actresses of today’s generation are also “leaders”. The ‘Lajja’ actress was quoted as saying by the post, “I think the industry is coming to a position where actresses also make the decision. They get better plays, better pay, of endorsements, they occupy an excellent and very powerful position and have a longer shelf life than before.

The “Pardes” actress further revealed during her interaction that early in the industry, an actress’ relationship status had an impact on her career as well. Mahima told Hindustan Times: “As soon as you started dating someone, people struck you off because they only wanted a virgin who hadn’t kissed. If you were dating someone, it was like, “Oh! She’s dating! ‘. If you were married then forget it, your career was over, and if you had a kid it was like absolutely over.

Speaking of the main actors of the Hindi film industry of the time, Mahima recalls that the relational status of a hero did not influence his career. She continued, “Even when Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak came, we didn’t know he was married, so did Govinda. People did not show their children’s photos or display them as it would indicate their age! All of those things have really changed between now.

Mahima Chaudhry also shed light on the fact that nowadays the public accepts women in different types of roles and that their relationship status least disturbs their working life.

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