How to watch “House of Gucci” with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver


The time has come!! Lady Gaga’s absolutely wild Italian accent is finally here for your viewing pleasure, and thank goodness for it. It’s been a long pandemic (it still is, TBH) and we’ve all won something like Gucci House, meaning something as delicious as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta staring dead Adam Driver in the face and saying, “Time to take out the trash.” So here is the big question: how do we look at this? Because we need to inject it into our veins as quickly as possible. Here is what we know:

Buy tickets for the “House of Gucci”


Where can I see this work of art?

Alright, yeah. It seems like the only place you can see this movie, at least for now, is in the cinema. The hard part is, a lot of people don’t necessarily feel comfortable going to the movies right now, and that’s okay! You may have to wait a bit to see the movie. Memes will always be waiting for you when you do. Promise.

When Gucci House be streaming?

That’s a very good question. It’s hard to say. The studio behind this film is MGM, which unlike other studios is not tied to any particular streaming service. Do you know how Disney movies go straight to Disney +? MGM has no equivalent. It is therefore not clear where the film will go and when.

During the pandemic, most studios waited 45 days to remove their movies from theaters and put them on streaming services. So we can assume that after 45 days you will be able to rent the film at all the usual places. Mark your calendar for January 9, 2022 !!

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