How the shooting went on on Alec Baldwin’s set



The protocol, Mr Halls told a detective, was for Ms Gutierrez-Reed to show him the pistol so he could check his barrel for obstructions, and then to open the revolver and spin it around for him to do. can see the contents of his rooms. Then he shouted “cold pistol”, signaling to the crew that the barrel did not contain live ammunition.

When the cast and crew returned from lunch that day, Ms Gutierrez-Reed showed Mr Halls the Colt .45 revolver that Mr Baldwin would be handling. Mr Halls told a detective he remembered seeing three cartridges inside, but could not remember whether Ms Gutierrez-Reed had the drum spinning so he could check each chamber and each cartridge.

“He said he should have checked them all, but he didn’t,” wrote Detective Alexandria Hancock.

Both Ms. Gutierrez-Reed and Mr. Halls have been the subject of complaints about past productions.

In 2019, Mr Halls was fired from a movie, “Freedom’s Path,” after a gun unexpectedly discharged on set, causing a minor injury to a crew member, said his production company. Neither Mr. Halls nor his lawyers responded to requests for comment.

Ms Gutierrez-Reed, who had learned to be a gunsmith from her father, Thell Reed, a Hollywood gun expert, had just started as a chief gunsmith herself. In a recent Podcast, she noted that she had just finished filming her first film as chief gunsmith, a western titled “The Old Way” starring Nicolas Cage, and confided that “I almost didn’t take the job because that I wasn’t sure I was ready. “

Stu Brumbaugh, a key feature of “The Old Way,” said in an interview that he recommended that Ms Gutierrez-Reed be fired after witnessing two unannounced weapons discharges she was holding, surprising others and , in one case, eliciting an angry reaction. by Mr. Cage. It was maintained, he said, which he saw as evidence of a larger problem in which producers are trying to cut costs by hiring less experienced crews. The incident was reported earlier by CNN.



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