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Spider-Man: No Path Home finally hitting theaters, and fans and critics alike agree that this may be the best Spider-Man movie of all time. Without doubt the most anticipated film of the year, No way home is the darkest movie directed by Tom Holland Spider Man saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showing sides of Peter Parker that fans didn’t expect to see. Filled with clever references to the previous one Spider Man Franchises run by Sam Raimi and Marc Webb, this is quite definitely the superhero movie of the year – and one of the most successful MCU movies to date. In this perspective, how No way home compare to the many Spider-Man movies that came before him?

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was a box office hit

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Spider-Man has been a fan favorite character since his Marvel Comics debut in Amazing Fantasy (1962) No.15, comic book fans were instantly excited when the wall-crawler hit the big screen in 2002 thanks to a contract between Marvel and Sony Pictures. Starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, this was Spider-Man’s first live-action offering, starring his infamous nemesis Green Goblin played by the incomparable Willem Dafoe. Most agree that Sam Raimi Spider Man truly ushered in the era of superhero movies, and it’s still considered one of the most successful superhero movies to date. Claiming nearly $ 115 million in box office sales on its opening weekend, around $ 180 million today, Spider Man was about to usher in a new era of movies for action and comic book lovers.

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Spider-man 2 (2004) was another home run for Sony and Marvel, grossing over $ 180 million (almost $ 265 million in today’s currency) in its first six days. Continuing Peter Parker’s struggles with his feelings for Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst), tensions arise with his best friend and a mentor turned enemy, Doctor Otto Octavius ​​(Alfred Molina), Spider-man 2 was just as strong as its predecessor, if not stronger. Receive the award for best visual effects at the 77th Academy Awards, beating both I robot and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it seemed that the Spider Man the film franchise was constantly growing.

However, the Cinderella story fell apart with the release of the much darker and slightly flawed film. Spider-man 3 in 2007. With reports indicating that the final product was not What director Raimi originally intended to do, the third installment turns left down an alley of weird love triangle subplots, an overabundance of eyeliner, too many villains, and a muddy storyline. For fans, it was a disappointing final outing for Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, despite having an opening weekend of over $ 151 million, for just over $ 202 million given inflation.

Marc Webb The Amazing Spider-Man Struggling movies at the box office

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man

Cue a frenzy of excitement among fans when Sony announced in 2012 that it would be rebooting a new set of Spider Man films, inspired by the The Incredible Spider-Man comics and starring future Oscar winner Andrew Garfield taking over from Spider-Man. Directed by Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man struggled to make the same impression as the first Raimi / Maguire installment, only grossing around $ 62 million (around $ 76 million today) in its opening weekend. While many fans hail Garfield’s performance as the best Peter Parker on screen, something about Marc Webb’s films hasn’t quite stuck with fans in the same way as Raimi’s. the movies had. With The Incredible Spider-Man 2 Performed better in its opening weekend than the first film, it ultimately only made around $ 708 million ($ 831 million in 2021) worldwide by the time it left theaters, Pale compared to Spider Manamounts to nearly $ 822 million (over $ 1.2 billion!) million in worldwide sales.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming & Far From Home Delivered Promising Box Office Figures

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Then, in 2016, Marvel announced that thanks to a new contract with Sony, Peter Parker would officially join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First introduced as a brief actor in Captain America: Civil War, The MCU’s Peter Parker was decidedly younger than his previous two iterations. With Spider-Man: Homecoming hitting theaters in 2017 as part of Phase Three of the MCU, Marvel has had wild success with this younger, fresher version of Spidey and some of his more famous enemies. Earning $ 117 million in its opening weekend and taking home an impressive $ 880 million worldwide at the box office, Back home was just the start for Peter Parker in the MCU.

A truly modern take on a beloved character, Back home has had success in the same areas as any of the MCU movies. Witty dialogue, thrilling action sequences, and younger, fresh-faced characters were an instant hit among younger and more seasoned Marvel fans. Director Jon Watts kept that momentum going in the highly anticipated sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home. Taking Peter Parker literally as far from New York City as possible, this offering once again surprised audiences with jaw-dropping visuals and boasted an impressive cast list with heavy hitters Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role. by Nick Fury and Jake Gyllenhaal presenting Mysterio on the big screen. The sequel to the 2017 hit grossed around $ 92 million in its opening weekend, a figure similar to that of the second release in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

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Into the Spider-Verse failed in theaters – but gained a cult following

Between Back home and Far from home, Marvel released an animated Spider-Man adventure that critics and fans alike didn’t see coming. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse introduced Miles Morales, the very first Black Spider-Man, and a cast of various other Spider-Men from different universes. Not only did this film introduce the idea of ​​a multiverse featuring different versions of the same character, but it succeeded in that concept in an incredibly successful way, with such a wide array of variations that were always in a way. or another convincing Spider-Man in their own right. Although it only earned $ 35 million in its opening weekend, Into the Spider-Verse has gained cult following, and fan excitement is starting to swirl again as a sequel has just been announced for 2022.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Reigns king of the box office

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The third installment of Marvel’s live-action Spider-Man series opened in December 2021 and grossed $ 260 million in its opening weekend at the box office and, within weeks of its release, more a billion dollars in the world. Hailed by fans as “the best MCU movie of all time,” Spider-Man: No Path Home is the second-biggest box office income in the MCU, just behind Avengers: Endgame and beat Infinity war. No spoilers in this article, but all fans should know No way home changed the face of the MCU as fans know it and made cinema history along the way. Even in an era of a pandemic where box office sales have been dismal, Marvel has managed to bring audiences back to the theater, apparently reviving both the film industry and the box office.

Spider-Man: No Path Home has something for every Spider-Man fan. While everyone has their own reasons for loving each franchise, it’s not hard to admit that the teenager from Queens, who crawls the web and crawls up walls, is an MCU staple at this point. stadium, with fans already clamoring for more Peter Parker even days after the last one Spider Man the film has been released in theaters. With Sony announcing its own plans for a Spider-Man trilogy starring Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, fans could get exactly what they’ve been asking for. While a new set of movies are years away, thankfully Disney + now has a Spider-Verse section where fans can get their Spidey patch while waiting.

To see for yourself the film’s box office success, Spider-Man: No Way Home is everywhere in theaters.

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