Houston Movie Theaters: A Complete Guide


It’s time to go to the movies and enjoy all the latest new movie releases now in theaters! Check if we have your city covered! This week, we’re focusing on theaters in Houston.

In a city like Houston, there are so many local movie theaters near you, it can be hard to know where to start. Just searching for “movie theaters near me” is overwhelming AF––what’s the difference between one theater and another? Is it worth driving across town to a local cinema with reclining seats compared to the one on the corner? Do I want to party and get drinks served for me at a multiplex cinema, or keep it chilled at an independent cinema that offers more unique fare?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help make your decision easier. We’ve narrowed it down to 8 of our favorite local cinemas in the area to help you get the most out of your experience.

Take some cinema popcorn and make yourself comfortable as you dive into our Houston guide!

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Houston Movie Theaters: AMC Willowbrook 24

This theater is one of many AMCs in the Houston and Texas area. Like any AMC, this cinema strives to ensure that you have an incredible experience with crystal clear projections and surround sound. You’ll find everything new here with deluxe plush reclining seats.

You can choose to order snacks in advance by ordering online and picking them up at the snack counter when you arrive. No worries if you prefer to wait to be there. The cinema offers many options to choose from, such as sweets, popcorn, but also hot dishes such as pizza. If you’re over 21, head to the MacGuffins bar for alcoholic drinks like cocktails, beer, and wine.

Head to a show before 4 p.m. every day and get 30% off tickets. On Tuesdays, all tickets are only $5! AMC also offers endless sweepstakes where you and your family or friends can win movie merchandise, free tickets, or even a trip!

A Google reviewer has been coming to this theater for 15 years. “I love this theater and I have a lot of special memories there as well,” she says.

AMC Willowbrook 24

17145 Tomball Pkwy

Houston, Texas 77064

Houston Movie Theaters: 14 benches

At 14 Pews, you’ll discover exploratory films that promote discourse and create dialogue around issues of culture and society. This non-profit cinema presents independent films, documentaries, experimental shorts and much more.

The cinema prides itself on artistic creation, organizing and hosting 8 different film festivals. In addition to the films they screen, they have their own works, which you can find on their site. Many of these plays are documentaries about various artists living in the Austin area. Since 2011, 14 Pews has operated the Artist-in-Residence program where people can have the space to create work or hold their own art exhibitions.

“Wish I had found this place sooner,” says a Google reviewer. “It’s a nice place with friendly people. So far I have seen an amazing documentary about the Río Grande River. I really enjoyed the movie and this place. I highly recommend if you are interested in a unique experience.”

14 Pews continues to fight for her love of art no matter what.

14 Benches

800 Aurora Street,

Houston, Texas 77009

Houston Movie Theaters: Rooftop Movie Club

Spend a night under the stars at the Rooftop Cinema Club in Houston. This cinema chain prides itself on showing films with spectacular views of the city. You will find screenings of classics, cult films and some new releases.

The movie theater creatively selects its movies based on different zodiac seasons and other special category genres. For example, during Lions season, audiences could see movies by or featuring Leos like Bridesmaids. In August, the cinema celebrates romance by showing films like The Earth.

Eat delicious food while watching the movie in the cool night air, while a sunset bathes the city backdrop. Worried about people distracting your experience. Each member of the public receives a pair of headphones so that they can enjoy the quality of the film.

Many Houston natives like to go to this theater for a date night. A Google reviewer praises the vibe of the place.

“The view was spectacular and that makes the experience something more special. They have a nice space to take pictures and just sit.

Rooftop movie club

1700 Post Oak Blvd.

Houston, Texas 77056

Houston Movie Theaters: Grand Palace Regal Edwards Greenway

One of Texas’ many Regal Theaters is located in the heart of Houston. The Regal Edwards Greenway Grand Palace operates like any Regal theater and projects new releases from the comfort of reclining seats.

Are you a big movie fan? Do you go to the theater a lot? If so, join the Crown Club. For every dollar spent, you will earn 100 points. And you can choose the rewards you want! From movie swag, discount offers and unlimited credits, Crown Club gives moviegoers what they deserve.

A Google reviewer shares that customer service is top-notch. “Customer service was very nice and friendly,” they say. “Seat reservations too so no problem! Edwards has evolved a lot.

Grand Palace Regal Edwards Greenway

3839 Weslayan Street

Houston, Texas 77027

Houston Movie Theaters: Star Cinema Grill – Vintage Park

This Houston-based dinner theater presents new releases for audience enjoyment. Located in the Baybrook Mall, this theater offers plush recliners, an extensive menu with delicious choices, and more. If you’re looking for alcoholic beverages, check out the frozen specialty Jack and Coke.

Do you want to book your own screening room? The Star Cinema Grill allows all audiences to book a rental if they are interested. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, business meeting or anything else, they will welcome you.

A Google reviewer mentions the updated space. “The new updated cinema is fantastic. Free popcorn and blanket are a plus. The waiter taking our payment at the start is a game changer, thanks for that. We appreciate the excellent service we have received each time.

Star Cinema Grill – Vintage Park

114 Vintage Park Blvd J

Houston, Texas 77070

Houston Cinemas: Drive-in Moonstruck

Get ready for the movie adventure of a lifetime with Houston’s Moonstruck Drive-In! Located near the waterfront of the East River development, this drive-in offers movies with a great view of the Houston skyline. Think of those colorful sunsets!

The drive-in opened during the height of the pandemic, so moviegoers could still enjoy the cinematic experience with the health and safety of an outdoor space. The space is still streaming movies, with a focus on new releases like High-speed train, The beastand Where the Crawdads sing.

If you’re craving snacks, Moonstruck offers the classics like candy, popcorn, and soda. On Saturdays they offer food trucks that rotate every weekend. Tickets are $30/car, with up to 6 people per vehicle.

For many, this drive-in brings a sense of nostalgia. “It reminded me so much of my childhood,” says a Google review. “The movie screen was clear. The place was super cute and spacious outside the cinema. And it is in a large part of the city. I attended this event via @HoustonYelp events and had so much fun.

If you want a blast from the past, head to the Moonstruck drive-in for your next cinematic experience!

Lunar cinema park

100 Bringhurst Street

Houston, Texas 77020

Houston Movie Theaters: IPIC

This high-end cinema chain with a luxurious ambience planted its roots in Houston in 2010. While the cinema screens new releases and cult classics, it also offers an expert dining experience. You can choose from an extensive menu of foods ranging from avocado salad with shrimp, nachos, pizza, buttermilk fried chicken, tres leches with berries and cream. We can’t forget the popcorn!

If you’d rather eat without the addition of a movie screen, head to the Tusk Room, a cocktail lounge that offers specialty liquor and savory food.

Do you have an upcoming birthday or special occasion? Celebrate with IPIC and rent a screening room. The host team will work to ensure the event is unique and special to you.

“My wife and I recently moved to Houston and went to a few movie theaters that we weren’t impressed with,” said a Google reviewer. “Either they’re too hot, or they’re cramped, or the seats are super uncomfortable. IPIC was none of that. The seats are amazing and they kept the movie theater cool.

IPIC Houston Theaters

4444 Westheimer Road

Houston, Texas 77027

Houston Movie Theaters: The Museum of Fine Arts

We have Houstonia Magazine to thank for bringing this gem to light. Although it’s the last place you think of when you want to go to the movies, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston is a rare find.

Here you will find screenings of classics, foreign films and many other films far from the general public. Currently, their schedules include Monty Python and the Holy Grail, MC Escher: Journey to Infinity, Peter Von Kant, Loving Highsmith, Strangers on a train, eastern lightand the Manhattan short film Festival.

If you really love movies, join the Film Buffs membership group and you’ll receive 10 tickets to movie screenings, passes to previews of new commercial film screenings, invitations to special filmmaking programs and discounted parking.

Museum of Fine Arts

1001 Bissonnet Street

Houston, Texas 77005

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