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MCU movies, for better or worse, run like well-oiled machines. The franchise is delivering more content than ever before and its popularity remains at an all time high. While many notable directors like Edgar Wright have historically moved away from Marvel movie making thanks to creative differences, the existing properties of the franchise across film and television have grown significantly. For example, Chloe Zhao, winner of the Oscar for best director last year, recently directed Eternals, which marked a new creative direction for the MCU. With the involvement of a visionary filmmaker like Zhao, it seems like there is no better time to involve new talent in the production of these films.

Many directors in Hollywood could put together a competent superhero film with enough action and drama, but the question remains as to which directors could challenge the genre and bring something new to it, in the same way as what Zhao did. Here are 5 directors who we think should make an MCU movie.

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5 Catherine bigelow

Source via Summit Entertainment

Known for creating renowned and high-profile war films like The Hurt Locker and Zero-Dark-Thirty, Catherine bigelow has proven that she has the means to exploit the horrors of violence and war. The MCU, which only occasionally chooses to indulge in the aftermath of massive death and property damage, could benefit from the directorial hand of someone well versed in exploring the consequences of the violence depicted in these films. His take on the nature of heroism could also add depth to the characters so many audiences know and love. She’s also known for working within existing Hollywood trends and styles, while infusing her work with a rich subtext dealing with social issues, a combination that could make an incredible Marvel movie.

4 Matt reeves

Source via Chernin Entertainment

War for the Planet of the Apes is the epic of a film. Matt reeves manages to convey the gravity of war, lost friendship, and sacrifice with a skillful hand that makes the stakes in the film seem far larger than life. It is also a film with a complex and multidimensional vision of morality, where the “right” thing to do is hardly ever clear. It’s easy to imagine how these elements could be a huge asset to a superhero movie, and with Disney’s huge marketing and production budgets, a Matt Reeves MCU movie would become a home blockbuster. The director is already a topic of public discourse as audiences await the release of his new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, which means he has already gained the experience to make a superhero movie.

3 Alfonso Cuarón

Source via Universal Pictures

The genius behind Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men, and Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón has a reputation as an author that could bring a truly new style and tone to the MCU. Similar to Sam Raimi, Cuarón is known for his unique camera work which adds a sense of momentum and brings fantastic subjects to life. Marvel films, which depend on kinetic and visceral action, could benefit from Cuarón’s careful and intentional use of the camera. His films are also full of visual symbolism and patterns that guide the path of history. If Cuarón were to try to make a superhero movie, it would have the potential to redefine the genre as audiences understand it. Rome, Cuarón’s 2018 film, won 3 Oscars for Best Cinematography, Director and International Feature. The director is no stranger to the rewards circuit, a quality that executives at Disney and Marvel no doubt covet.

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2 Riley Boots

Source via Focus features

A modern-day renaissance man, Riley Boots actually only directed one feature film. The man is known for his career as a rapper and political activism, making his past a real break with the paths of the most established directors in Hollywood. His film sorry to disturb you is a surreal story that follows a black telemarketer with an unusually good “white voice” who struggles with his participation in a local labor rights movement. The way the film is shot, in its cinematography and editing, would lend itself well to an action frame, and the commentary Riley might weave into the film’s subtext would be the subject of endless debate. The politics of the Marvel films have been criticized by people from all political walks of life, and while Disney is not known for doing politically provocative work, a departure from this tradition in the hands of Boots Riley could upend the place and purpose. of the franchise. films as the public understands them.

1 Ari Aster

Source via A24

Known for his disturbing and breathtaking films Hereditary and Environment, independent horror filmmaker Ari Aster would make an MCU movie unlike anything that came before it. The franchise begins to embrace many genres, predicted by Sam Raimi’s upcoming horror film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. The talents of a director who knows how to shock and disorient an audience are the promise of a different and exciting theatrical experience. Ari Aster’s grim take on the MCU would warp the characters and stories into forms audiences couldn’t begin to imagine. Director said sorry for the monopoly Marvel films have on the industry, but the franchise could benefit from giving the filmmaker full creative reign to create something truly different. After the madness of Environment, thoughts of an MCU movie directed by Ari Aster send real chills down your spine.

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