Guillermo Del Toro makes a pointed observation about the film industry


Del Toro’s first big Hollywood movie came out in 2004 – the comic book anti-hero film “Hellboy” – and he proved his success was no fluke in 2006 with the fantastical creature “Pan’s Labyrinth”, which earned the filmmaker Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Screenplay. In 2018, del Toro was rewarded with his highest honors yet – a pair of Oscars for directing and producing his “Creature from the Black Lagoon” inspired fantasy “The Shape of Water”.

While it’s only been five years since “The Shape of Water” opened on the big screen, the floodgates have burst – thanks to the pandemic – for streaming and how movies are watched, whether on televisions, laptops or mobile phones. At the Cannes press conference, IndieWire reported, del Toro equated the changes the industry is currently facing with what happened just under a century ago, when talkies made obsolete silent films.

“There are many answers to what the future is. The one I know is not the one we have now. It is not sustainable. In many ways, what we have belongs to a larger structure. old,” del Toro observed. “That’s how profound the change is. We see that it’s more than the delivery system that’s changing. It’s the relationship with the audience that’s changing. Are we maintaining it, or is it that we seek and are adventurous?”


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