Government approves Delhi Film Policy 2022 to promote the city as a film shooting hub


The AAP government on Thursday approved the Delhi Film Policy, 2022 to promote the city as a hub for filming and other related activities through a series of measures including the establishment of Rs 50 crore ‘Delhi Film Fund ‘ to support producers and host an international film festival every year.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia told a press conference that a grant of up to Rs 3 crore will be provided under the policy depending on the number of shooting days, location and of Delhi’s brand image, local hiring of actors among other factors.

He said the Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal endorsed the policy which aims at “inclusive growth” of the film and tourism industry, create jobs and streamline the institutional system. Under the policy, a one-stop e-movie licensing portal will be set up, bringing together more than 25 agencies for various movie production-related licensing, Sisodia said.

“Currently, film producers have to go to various departments to obtain permission for filming purposes, but this policy will create a complete one-stop online clearance. “They won’t have to visit offices anymore and all approvals will be given in 15 days,” Sisodia said.

The deputy chief minister added that the AAP government will soon set up a film advisory board to further streamline the process.

To further attract film industry players from within the country as well as the world to the nation’s capital, a ‘Delhi Film Fund’ of Rs 50 crore will also be set up to support producers through grants. ”We want to attract producers from all over the country and the world who have never shot a film in Delhi. We have sister city agreements in countries like Russia, Japan, Germany, etc. and this fund will help producers come here and shoot movies,’ said Sisodia, who also has a tourism portfolio.

He said such practices are already in place in several foreign countries. He said Delhi Film Cards will also be issued and its holders will enjoy additional benefits and discounts. The Delhi movie card will be Rs 1 lakh which will be provided by the tourism department. This will help film producers get additional discounts from industry players such as incorporated hotels, transportation players, tour operators, etc., he said. “This is an extremely progressive policy that will have broader goals of not only promoting cinema, but also inclusive development and job creation,” Sisodia said.

The new film policy will be inclusive in nature and focus on developing the tourism sector, growing the economy and creating jobs, he said.

It will seek to associate Delhi residents with Delhi, branding Delhi for film shoots, promotion of cinema, art and culture and job creation, he said.

Under the policy, a grant of up to Rs 3 crore will be provided depending on the number of shooting days, location and Delhi branding, local hiring of actors and support staff spending in Delhi during the various stages of production, Sisodia said.

The government has decided to give a maximum grant of Rs 3 crore to films made in Delhi based on various assessment points. Sisodia said these include the money spent on film production in Delhi, how many days the film was shot in the city and the content. ”While evaluating the grants, we will also see how Delhi’s branding was done in the film and how many local artists, support staff and skilled crews worked in the film. Based on this, we will award points and then a grant will be awarded,” Sisodia said. The Deputy CM said that to promote Delhi as a film hub in international venues as well, the government will host an international film festival every year.

”There is no film festival in Delhi. There is only one national film festival which has moved to Goa. So, from now on, Delhi will have an international film festival every year. New prizes will also be launched. There will also be Cinematic Excellence awards for lower level artists,’ said Sisodia.

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