Ghanaian filmmakers lack creativity – KSM


Speaking in an interview on Starr FM, the satirist said most films produced in Ghana are similar.

“The film industry is shrinking because ‘most filmmakers aren’t as creative as they should be to control the rise of an industry.’

He pointed out that “you can’t keep telling the same old stories every day, it gets boring and people get tired. The industry has all the ingredients needed to make a good industry, but how to work creatively with those ingredients is what some practitioners lack”

Identifying the industry’s woes, he said: “We get too comfortable too easily, we take a few steps and think we’ve arrived and yet we have a long way to go. There is too much to study and learn in the film industry. There is too much rush on us Ghanaians, we have to take our time to get it right.”

KSM added that policy makers generally don’t understand film, he suggested they should be film practitioners so they can understand what is needed to get the industry started. “Until we get the policy makers involved, we will always have these shortcomings.”

In a recent interview amid the electronic levy brouhaha, KSM called on religious leaders to pay a percentage of the tithes they collect to the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Behind some pastors supporting the E-levy, the Ghanaian satirist calls them to practice what they preach by also paying tithe of the tithe they collect from their church members.

Mr. Kwaku Sintim-Misa expressed his concern to the Christian Council of Ghana in a message he shared on social media.

Dear CHRISTIAN COUNCIL, please donate 10% of all church tithes collected to the GRA. Let’s call it E-DIME. Support the E-LEVY to make GH become “like Europe”. (Practice what you preach, beg),“, he tweeted.


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