Get started with monitors on set with the new SmallHD Action 5

For those who are ready to finally get out from behind the viewfinder.

We know, we know, that your new Canon or Sony has a fancy built-in monitor on the back of the camera. It’s great, we get it.

However, while we all love how better, more intuitive and much more interactive integrated touchscreen monitors have become over the years, you’ve never really experienced the true breathability of cinema until you’re switched to an external video monitor.

Whether you want to attach your monitor to your camera and use it as a better onboard device, or want to hand it over to your director friend while you run and shoot, there are a million reasons to try out different monitors on Position .

And now, with the new SmallHD Action 5 monitor, we might have the best introductory monitor option on the market today. Let’s look at this.

The SmallHD 5 Action

If you’ve heard of SmallHD, you’ve probably heard of their external monitors. Hopefully you’ve seen one or two on set here or there, but if you’re really in the dark, SmallHD is a great brand that has been making great products in this space for years.

Bundled under the Creative Solutions banner with Teradek and Wooden Camera, SmallHD is quickly becoming a staple for on-set workflows.

With the new Action 5, we get a true beginner’s monitor (or perhaps a nice secondary or backup option for a more seasoned pro) that offers all the brightness and great tools you’d expect, but without too much of a fuss. weight in terms of weight or price.

This SmallHD Action 5 features a lightweight 5.5-inch LCD touchscreen with 2000 nits brightness, 1080p resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 440 PPI and Rec. 709, plus everything you would need in terms of basic one-touch features and tools.

what people say

The SmallHD is literally dubbed a “newcomer” monitor because it’s really meant to be your first foray into external monitor territory. It doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring filmmaker, YouTuber, or content creator.

Dave Bredbury, Product Manager for CS Cine, says:

“The Action 5 is the perfect on-ramp to the SmallHD monitor ecosystem; it offers the streamlined user interface, daylight-viewable display, and lightweight form factor you’ve come to expect from SmallHD, all without Whether you’re a newcomer looking for your first monitor or a pro in need of a secondary or backup solution, the Action 5 offers one-touch functionality and the most user-friendly operating system of the market, based on the same SmallHD UX and UI found on the biggest Hollywood movie sets.

This new little boi weighs 10 ounces, but includes all the HDMI accessories and battery plate holder you might need to combine with any Sony L-Series or Canon LP-E6 battery. The HDMI I/O sits right next to the power input and provides ¼”-20 mounting points and should be a shoe to fit any camera mount.

Specifications and prices

And ready for the kicker? The SmallHD Action 5 costs well under $400 (currently at $329), making it a truly affordable plug-and-play monitor for those finally ready to step out of the viewfinder.

While it’s not the cheapest 5-inch monitor on the market, SmallHD’s pedigree really shines when it comes to price and stands out from the competition. If you’re considering a half-price monitor, consider investing in the SmallHD ecosystem. You can get better support on the road.

You get what you pay for, after all.


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