Five Popular Kannywood Actresses Who Graced TV Screens in the 2000s


The history of the Northern Nigerian film industry, Kannywood, cannot be complete without mentioning some of its former actresses who set the tone and served as role models for actresses who later joined the industry.

With the limited resources, inadequate equipment and weak cinematographic expertise that characterized the industry at the time, Daily Trust spotlights some actresses who paved the way for what is now known as Kannywood. Here are some actresses who graced the television screen in the 2000s.

Fati Mohammad

The 39-year-old actress, whose parents are Fulani from Adamawa State, was born and raised in Kano where she joined Kannywood at the age of 16 through actor and filmmaker popular, Tahir Muhammad Fagge.

She remembers her first movie was “Da Babu”, a movie that brought her impressive acting skills to the attention of other producers, thus securing her roles in the industry.

One of her oldest blockbusters that equals the actress’ favorite is the film “Sangaya”, in which she played the role of an orphan peasant girl in the palace caught up in the challenges of winning the love of a prince. royal (Ali Nuhu) who is desired by another princess (Hauwa Ali Dodo).

Fati was also the main character in many other fast-paced Kannywood films of the 2000s, including Marainiya, Zarge, Tangarda, Tawakkali, Garwashi, Kudiri, and Samodara.

Later, she married a co-actor, Sani Musa, better known as Sani Mai Iska, and they eventually moved to London to work for a Family Health Initiative (FHI) where she made awareness campaigns and television commercials on AIDS and family planning for the organization.

Fati’s marriage to Mai Iska hit the rocks after five years. She returned to Nigeria when her contract with the FHI expired and joined Kannywood where she rang a few bells in films such as Tutar So, Babban Gari and Nagoma.

A few years after her return to the industry, Fati remarried; this time to a filmmaker, Umaru Kanu, who is an older brother of famous Kano-based singer Ali Jita.

The marriage lasted for a few years before she joined Atiku Abubakar’s campaign team during the politician’s preparations for the 2019 general election, where she was seen taking part in his political rallies and campaigning on social media. social.

Although she has no biological children, Fati is raising a boy she recently adopted and currently lives in Kano where she also runs her clothing business.

Abida Mohammad

Abida Muhammad, the charismatic and popular former Kannywood actress, was the contemporary and best friend of Fati Muhammad, who was a TV favorite during her stardom in the 2000s.

Born and raised in Kano, Abida joined Kannywood in the early 2000s and gained huge recognition for her outstanding role and dancing skills in the movie “Sangandale”, in which she starred alongside veteran actors, Ali Nuhu, (late) Ahmad S. Nuhu and Fati Muhammad.

She was also in FKD Production’s “Mujadala” (1 & 2) – a particularly successful romantic story between six young men and women in thrilling love triangles, complete with Bollywood-style music and dance, which are still sources of thrilling nostalgia. for many. millennial moviegoers in northern Nigeria.

She has also recorded massive recognition in a number of films including Badali, Kauna, Ukuba and Furuci.

Abida quit acting after getting married in the mid-2000s before her husband’s death and later secured a second marriage in 2018.

Since leaving the industry, Abida has never returned and reportedly once said that she has no interest in acting but being a housewife and mother.

Hauwa Ali Dodo

The late popular actress, Hauwa Ali Dodo, also known as Biba or “Biba Problem”, was the character in one of Kannywood’s early avant-garde films, Ki Yarda da Ni (which was an adaptation of a Hausa short story of the same name by Northern Nigerian writer, Bilkisu Funtua) in the late 1990s.

The actress was one of the most popular and talked about actresses in the history of the industry who had starred in many hit movies for over 20 years including Sangaya, Zarge, Daskin Da Ridi among others .

She died in a horrific car accident on her way to Kaduna from Jos in 2010.

Rukayya Dawayya

Rukayya Umar, 37, born in Kano, better known as Rukayya Dawayya, joined Kannywood at the age of 15 with the blockbuster “Dawayya” in 2000.

Some of his notable films include Gidauniya, Sarauniyar Kyau, Hajjaju, Kun Yi Sake, Ta Isa, Ta Fi Su, Halimatus Sadiya, Hawan Hawa, Zahra’u, Zato Ne, Nawwara, and Ummi Sambo.

She remembers starring in over 150 films and produced over 20 films at her film company, Dawayya Movies.

Rukayya was nominated for Best Actress at the City People Entertainment Awards; Best Supporting Actress by the Kano Censorship Awards for her role in the film titled Kadaura; Best Actress at MTN Kannywood Award; and was a former ambassador for MTN Nigeria and Starcomms Telecommunication.

She got married in 2013 and later divorced after being blessed with a son. She lives in Kano where she runs her film company among other businesses.

Balaraba Mohammed

In March 2022, one of the most beloved and popular Hausa actresses, Balaraba Mohammed, died in a horrific car accident, a day after marrying popularly known heartthrob and co-actor Shuaibu Lawal. as Kumurci, a tragedy that shook the film industry and the public.

Until her death, Balaraba Mohammed was a Kannywood superstar who had made a name for herself in a few years in the industry with both her acting talent and her striking beauty.

His films include Maryam, Tawakkali, Furuci, Hali, Jaheed, So, Biyayya, Yakini, Tasiri, Miras, Burin-zuciya, Matausaya, Sarkakiya, Harsashe, Sababi, Fata-nagari, Kacibus, Nabila, Amalala, Buri and Qauli.


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