Film set turns downtown Vancouver into New York


The Vancouver Art Gallery has also been remodeled to resemble the New York Public Library. ??

Vancouverites were treated to views of New York City as part of a shoot for a TV show that was filming downtown.

Production company GEP Resident Inc. shot scenes for Foreign resident in the city on Wednesday (November 10) and locals took to social media to share pictures and videos of the set.

The show airs on SYFY (short for Sci-Fi Channel) and stars Alan Tudyk as an alien named Harry. Harry assumes “the identity of a doctor from a small town in Colorado and slowly begins to grapple with the moral dilemma of his secret mission to Earth,” according to IMDb.

The show recently won the award for Best Cable Comedy at the Hollywood Critics Association Awards.

A New Westminster resident shared a video of Tudyk and star actress Sara Tomko in a parking lot. He wrote that she “danced (bounced) to the sound of the alarm”.

Another resident shared some photographs of the Vancouver Art Gallery transformed to look like the New York Public Library. Banners on the front of the art gallery read “explore all the wonders of the library” followed by “New York Public Library”.

Fans also shared videos and stills from the New York-themed film in September, which featured taxis, pizzerias, and more.

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