Film producer Honey Quiño named deputy administrator of OWWA – Reuters

OWWA Deputy Administrator Honey Quiño

They say The Life of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) has that natural cinematic touch. So having a film producer as an assistant administrator of operations for the Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA) makes sense, given that such a person can probably embrace stories that are very much tied to the real human experience, difficult or dreamlike.

Current OWWA Deputy Administrator Honey Quiño certainly fits the bill. She has an inside track on what goes into filmmaking and the very people on set who give their all to provide the labor needed to create films. Her good background in film production is now reflected in the way she deals with OFWs who have their own struggles and whose experiences go beyond their reputation as foreign moneymakers.

DA Honey shared, “In the entertainment industry, you have to manage the entire production team. You also need to balance your budget with the quality of the films you produce. At OWWA, we provide support and public service, especially to migrant workers in distress. Same with film, we need to support struggling artists and film workers and help them find work in the industry.

DA Honey is a lawyer by profession before entering the world of film production. It owns A&Q Production Films and other filmmaking-related companies A&Q Entertainment and Primestream, Inc. and AQ Prime.

Incidentally, OWWA administrator Arnell Ignacio is also a celebrity associated with local showbiz.

DA Honey pointed to the correlation between his new role in public service and his responsibility for his own film outfit.

She explained, “As OWWA’s deputy operations officer and AQ prime’s chief operating officer (COO), there is actually a common goal and that is to help people.”

“Personally, I still believe that there is nothing that can be done for sarili lamang, so whether you are in a private institution or a government service, we must help others beyond makakaya natin. Pag nagtutulungan mas marami tayong nagagawa,” she added.

As a film producer, Mary Melanie “Honey” Quiño produced films such as “Nelia”, “Fairy Tale”, and “Ligalig”. Joel Lamangan directed “Fairy Tale” while Topel Lee directed Ligalig”, which now featured national artist Nora Aunor.

The lawyer-film producer also produced “Pura Serbidora”, which will soon be released internationally and directed by Louie Ignacio.

DA Honey said she took the OWWA job in part because she was inspired by Arnell’s dedication to the job.

She said: “I enjoy working with Arnell as he is very energetic and insightful. We always work as a team and we have developed a perfect balance. He is always open to hearing my ideas and thanks to this we have been able to create a better learning environment for our employees.

Hone assures to provide and reach as many migrant workers as possible, specifying: “We are going to have a transparent, effective and efficient system that would meet the needs of migrant workers. For filmmakers and our OFWs, we’ll make sure you get the attention and service you deserve. We will help and fight for the rights of OFWs and strengthen the film industry.




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