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Annual Festival and Independent Filmmakers Awards event.

KAMPALA, WAKISO, UGANDA, June 6, 2022 / — The International Media Arts Film Festival is a global film festival, which selects and presents the best of independent cinema as well as documentary films from around the world.

The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work, be recognized for their achievements, and for the public to share the art.

We believe that audiences are made aware of the diversity of cultures through film and that the festival brings together filmmakers from around the world in a unifying creative atmosphere, creating a lasting event for filmmakers.

Every year, the International Media Arts Film Festival (IMAFF) awards its winners in all major film industry categories and the public’s attention is given to the winner.


IMAFF stands for International Media Arts Film Fest Awards. We are an independent film recognition company made up of media professionals. We support creatives through networking, collaboration, promotion and encouragement by rewarding the best independent films from around the world.

Team Leader and CEO – Dennis Gayira.

International Media Arts Film Fest And Awards (IMAFF&A) Organizer and director, producer and editor with extensive experience in this field. Now working with Cinematrix International.

Dennis has extensive experience in the film industry as a producer and editor who has worked on numerous international projects.

Mihaella Plesca.

Mihaela Plescia is an actress, singer, designer and CEO of Neuro design.

His talent has been recognized in many theaters and has been requested to
various live shows.

She was nominated for the Emmy Awards for Juniors in New York in 2018 with a short film produced by herself, and as a singer she established herself at the top of world music with the song “Căderea Lui
Icarus “.

In 2021, she participated in a world music competition where she placed third at the top with 280 songs.

At the same time, for 3 years, she has been a member of the jury for the World Design Awards in Italy, the A’Design Awards, and the A competition where she won three gold trophies.

Mihaela Plesca is currently in the World Design Index and on the front pages of the WorldDesign Yearbooks because she was responsible for selecting the projects. She has many international and national art exhibitions in her portfolio and she has been a speaker at different international and national conferences.

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Submit your film:
We accept:
Short films
Feature films
Documentary films
Student movies
religious movies
We do not accept porn movies.

Award categories.

IMAFF is a festival not only for new works of media art, but also for existing thematic films. Our prices include, but are not limited to
• Best photography.
• Best film.
• Best short film.
• Better feature.
• Best documentary short.
• Best Documentary Feature.
• Best Drama.
• Best music video.
• Best actor.
• Best Actress.
• Best Producer.
• Best editor.
• Audience award and honorable mentions.

Date of the event: December 18, 2022.
Kampala – Uganda.
On line:

We welcome and screen films of all genres and of all lengths.

What our participants archive.
I. Free promotion of the film for all.
II. Networking Opportunities
III. Launch.
IV. Conference and more.

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Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Dennis Gayirah – CEO Festival and IMAFF Awards

Denis Gayirah
IMAFF Film Award.
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