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Created: Oct 28, 2022 07:37

The cruel treatment of animals in the fashion industry is the focus of a documentary screened on Saturday.

Kill is the latest feature in the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute’s series of free, climate-focused films.

It follows filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli as she investigates the “greenwashing” of the fur, wool and leather industry – marketing that dishonestly claims environmentally friendly practices – and the cruel treatment of animals.

A BUEI spokeswoman said: “Released last month, Kill asks an important question: is it ever okay to kill animals for fashion?

“From Europe to China, Kill spans five continents exposing the unethical practices of the global fashion industry, focusing on the horrific ways animals are kept and killed, all in the name of fashion and profit.

“The documentary features interviews with animal welfare and sustainability experts as well as representatives from the fur industry itself.”

After the film, there will be a lively discussion with Ms Cappelli, who has spent the past three years investigating animal skins in fashion, examining the impact on people, the environment and animals.

Ms Cappelli said: “If someone had told me even half of what I discovered while making this film, I wouldn’t have believed them.”

Kill suitable for anyone over 10 years old. It will be presented at the BUEI from 3 p.m.

The rest of BUEI’s movie and event schedule for the month can be viewed here.


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