FESTIVALS: Compartment n ° 6 wins the ICFF Manaki Brothers 2021



BITOLA: Jani-Petteri Passi, cinematographer of the Finnish / German / Estonian / Russian co-production Compartment n ° 6 / Hytti n ° 6 by Juho Kuosmanen, received the Camera d’Or 300 at the 42nd edition of Manaki Brothers International Film Festival. The festival took place in Bitola from September 16 to 21, 2021.

The decision was made by a jury composed of Suki Medenčević, cinematographer / president, and members: Phillip Bergson, film critic / broadcaster / screenwriter, Sonja Prosenc, director and screenwriter, Wim Vanacker, director / screenwriter, and Dimo Popov, director of photography.

The Silver Camera 300 went to Kasper Tuxen for the work on Joachim Trier`s The worst person in the world / VerdensVersteMeeneske. The Bronze Camera 300 was attributed to Ruben Impens for the work on the work of Julia Ducournau Titanium.

Austrian cinematographer Christian Berger and Russian writer, director and producer Andrei Konchalovsky each received a Golden Camera 300 Lifetime Achievement Award. Veteran actor Bajram Severdzan received the Great Macedonian Cinema Star award by the Macedonian Association of Film Professionals.

A total of 22 films were screened under the motto Nevertheless.

The festival is supported by the North Macedonian Film Agency and the Municipality of Bitola.


Official Competition:

Gold Camera 300:
Jani-Petteri Passi for Compartment n ° 6 / Hytti n ° 6 (Finland, Germany, Estonia, Russia)
Directed by Juho Kuosmanen
Produced by Aamu Filmcompany
Co-produced by Achtung Panda, Amrion, Elokuvayhtio Komeetta Oy, CTB Films
Supported by Eurimages, the Finnish Filmm Foundation

Silver 300 camera:
Kasper Tuxen for The worst person in the world / Verdens VersteMeeneske (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France)
Directed by Joachim Trèves

Bronze 300 camera:
Ruben Impens for Titanium (France)
Directed by Diogo Salgado

Short film competition:

Small camera 300:
Joana Silva Fernandes for Through the haze (Portugal)
Directed by Agustina San Martín

Golden Camera 300 award for all of his achievements:
Christian Berger (Austria)
Andrei Konchalovsky (Russia)

Great Star of Macedonian Cinema Award:
Bajram Severdzan (North Macedonia)



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