Eternals Monopoly game reveals new movie locations


A special edition Monopoly board game based on Marvel’s Eternals reveals several locations where key film events are likely to unfold.

A special edition Monopoly board game featuring Marvel’s Eternals shows interesting details about the movie, including some of the locations where key plot events likely take place. Based on the comics of the same title, Eternals will present a new set of superheroes, the eponymous ancient aliens who have secretly guarded Earth for over 7,000 years. An imminent threat of cosmic proportions will force them out of their hiding place to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

Eternals features an all-star cast consisting of Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington and more. As part of Phase 4 of the MCU, the film is set to hit theaters on November 5. He is expected to lead the franchise in a new direction after the very successful era of the Infinity Saga. As part of the Marvel Studios marketing campaign, Eternals The merchandise was released ahead of the film’s premiere to generate buzz and spawn a lucrative new cinematic saga.

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Among these new sets of Eternals merch is a Monopoly game based on the upcoming movie. Produced by Land of entertainment, the special edition game features slightly different gameplay and features a new board containing the logo, images and characters from the movie. Instead of street names in the classic board game, the Eternals The edition comes with a new set of properties that reveal the key locations that will be featured in the movie. Among these are Mesopotamia, Babylon, Pataliputra in India, monuments of Aztec civilizations, Australia, South America and London. The Eternals The Monopoly game can be pre-ordered for $ 31.99. Check out its details below:

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Just like in the iconic Hasbro game, the properties of the Eternals Monopolies are color coded and listed according to their value. It could reflect the order of events in the movie or the importance of the particular place in the story. The Mesopotamian fishing village and the Babylonian Hanging Gardens are shown first on the board, which could mean that they will appear in the first part of the film. Meanwhile, the two most expensive properties are the World Forge and the Olympia, which are other locations that can be crucial to the movie’s plot. In the comics, Olympia is known as the house of the Eternals and has been hidden in different places over the centuries.

Because Marvel is known for keeping plot details safe from spoilers, impatient fans often turn to official merchandise for possible clues. Eternals has already released the must-have Funko Pop! LEGO minifigures and sets. The new Monopoly game is interesting because it is the first element to reveal the actual locations of the film, as shown in the trailer. The many locations featured in the board game indicate that the superhero movie will take an exciting journey around the world and even off the planet. With its top-notch cast, impressive cinematography, and multiple locations, Eternals is sure to be an exciting movie experience.

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