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Gurugram, India, July 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

  • As the film industry has evolved rapidly in Saudi Arabia, especially since the Kingdom lifted the 35-year ban on cinemas in December 2017, international and regional companies have had the opportunity to contribute to the development of the domestic entertainment industry.

  • Cinema operators in Saudi Arabia are looking to increase their presence across the country, in major cities and rural areas, to meet the growing demand for movie tickets.

  • Several initiatives have been undertaken by the government, including the support and training of local filmmakers, the improvement of relevant infrastructure, the establishment of a regulatory framework and the creation of a national film fund.

There will be more licenses distributed in the coming years to international theaters, and as more competitors enter the market, the competition will become less concentrated. In addition to cinemas, local film content and culture will be promoted through film festivals like the Red Sea Festival and the Saudi Film Festival, which showcase locally shot films, which will also increase the popularity of the film. theater. With Saudi Arabia’s high spending capacity, private cinema viewing, fine dining, high-end film formats, such as IMAX, 4D, VIP services and immersive cinematic experiences will be well received.

The report titled Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market Outlook to 2026: Growth Driven by Ambitious Government Initiative, Influx of Multinational Movie Companies and Pent-up Demand for Feature Films by Ken Research has suggested that the Saudi theater market is expected to grow at a positive double-digit CAGR over the next few years. The market size of tickets sold, F&B revenue, advertising and sponsorship is expected to grow over the next few years at a positive rate.

Key Segments Covered:-
Segmentation of the theater market
By source of income

Investment model

Period entered in the report:

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Key Players Covered in Saudi Arabia Theater Market

  • Voice Cinema

  • AMC Cinema

  • MUVI Cinema

  • Empire Cinema

  • Cinepolis

Main topics covered in the report

  • Presentation of the theater market in Saudi Arabia

  • Market ecosystem

  • Value chain analysis

  • Main challenges of the theater market in Saudi Arabia.

  • Saudi Arabia Theater Market Detailed Analysis (Market Size, 2021; Market Segmentation; Market Shares; Competition Overview; Future Market Size, 2026F)

  • Customer preference for cinema viewing experience in Saudi Arabia

  • Investment model to set up a cinema hall in Saudi Arabia

  • Case Study of Successful Film Businesses

  • Overview of the new film regulatory regime

For more information on the research report, refer to the link below:
Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market Outlook to 2026

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