Edward Scissorhands House is back on the market, includes movie memorabilia


The house used as a filming location for Tim Burton’s 1990 cult classic, Edward Scissorhands, is now on the market for one lucky movie buff. The house is looking to sell for $700,000.

Located in Lutz, Florida, just 20 minutes from Tampa, the home is filled with memorabilia of classic Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. It’s all thanks to the home’s former owner, Joey Klops, who bought the home two years ago for $230,000. Klops entered the house’s history with force, storing it with memories of the film. The home went up for sale last Wednesday and the previous owners told TMZ they plan to leave all the memories to the lucky new owner, saying the new owner will be able to “live in a real wonderland.”


Since purchasing the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in 2020, Klops and his wife have remodeled the space to bring it back to the movie look. The couple even completely transformed the residence into Edward Scissorhands museum they dubbed “Scissorland” and filled the space with props from the movie.

Highlights include mushroom wallpaper covering the kitchen and other rooms to match the film, and even a life-size Edward Scissorhands mannequin. Klops and his wife tried to retain as many elements from the film as possible, although they painted some parts.

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The house is an Edward Scissorhands fan’s dream home

Edward was created by a scientist who died before he could complete the animated artificial humanoid, leaving him with crude scissor hands. In the Tim Burton movie, the Florida house served as the Boggs family home. Peg Boggs, played by Dianne Weist, first met Edward (Depp) in his abandoned mansion while selling cosmetics door to door. She then offered the scissor-handed loner a place in her home with her husband (Alan Arkin) and daughter Kim (Ryder).

In addition to renovations inside the house, the exterior of the house has also been remodeled by the family to resemble the landscaping, specifically the geometric potted shrubs that twirl upwards, made famous in the movie. In addition to the shrubs, the backyard also features decorations used in the film, including large colorful letters hanging from the wooden picket fence and a large ladder with wire netting to help the vines grow there. The ladder was used in a scene in the film where Depp’s character climbs it to use his scissor hands to turn a block of ice into an angel.

Klops previously revealed that many of the props collected for the museum space were acquired from neighbors who kept the production pieces. Additionally, some props were personally used by Depp, including a set of scissor gloves used in a scene in which he carves the iconic dinosaur shrub.

As if Klops couldn’t be luckier, he also managed to get his hands on a misplaced packet of cigarettes on set by Depp, which was part of his personal stash and is now on display in the kitchen of the Tampa abode. . The owner even mentioned that Depp was the only person on set who was allowed to smoke on set at the Boggs house.

Klops is now ready to sell his beautiful movie set he has turned into a home and we can only think who will be the next lucky owner?

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