Denzel Washington Thriller is Netflix’s # 1 Movie Currently


The number one film in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies in America is surprisingly not a Netflix original. The place is taken by the 2012 thriller Secure house, with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. The film also ranks second in Netlfix’s top 10 overall ranking, just behind the UK series. Sex education, which released its third season on Friday.

Secure house was written by Designated survivor creator David Guggenheim and directed by Daniel Espinosa. Reynolds plays Matt Weston, a CIA officer with a low-level job in Cape Town, South Africa. He’s tasked with keeping tabs on a safe house where the CIA interrogates Tobin Frost (Washington), a veteran suspected of betraying the CIA. The safe house is targeted by mercenaries, forcing Weston and Frost to flee together. During their escape from the mercenaries, Frost forces Weston to question his own loyalty.

Even if Secure house got mixed reviews from critics, it was a smash hit for Universal Pictures. The film grossed over $ 208 million worldwide on a budget of $ 85 million. Washington followed up its success by starring in two more action thrillers, 2 cannons with Mark Wahlberg and The equalizer. Secure house also proved that Reynolds wouldn’t be a box office poison after the Green Lantern flop in 2011. Espinosa went on to direct Child 44, Life, and the upcoming Sony Marvel movie Morbius.

Washington fans can see two other important films from his career on Netflix. Training day (2001), which won Washington the Oscar for Best Actor, and Difficult lessons (1986), starring one of Washington’s first lead roles, are also available. Reynolds 6 Underground (2019), Disinterested (2015), and The Green Lantern (2011) are also available to stream on Netflix. Reynolds also stars in Netflix’s upcoming big-budget heist thriller Red Notice, which will be released on November 12 and will also star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Gal Gadot.

The new Netflix movies released on Friday were foreign language pickups. The father who moves the mountains is a Romanian thriller directed by Daniel Sandu. Ankahi Kahaniya is a Hindi anthology film about lonely souls who find love and friendship. Recently, The fortress is a French thriller about police officers who try to stop a major drug ring.


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