DCTV Firehouse Cinema is hosting a special screening of Navalny


When I received my invitation to the screening of the CNN documentary by DCTV Firehouse, Navalny, the name means nothing to me. After a brief Google search to find out who Alexei Navalny was, I still didn’t know if I’d be in the theater struggling to keep up or on the edge of my seat desperate for more.

*Spoiler alert* It was the latter.

Let me set the scene for you. DCTV is a fire station turned movie theater and is the only movie theater in New York dedicated solely to documentaries. It is located in Chinatown and the days of space fire station are remnants of the exterior. Once inside, the walls and floors of the lobby are adorned with oak paneling, and the theater itself has tree logs nailed to its walls. The concession stand is stocked with booze alongside Boylan Cola, Fentimans Rose Lemonade and cans of Liquid Death Mountain Water. If you get hungry, there are several organic candies and chocolates to choose from, in addition to the favorite movie-goer popcorn.

I grabbed my snacks – a popcorn and lemonade – and entered the theater just in time to snag a main seat facing the middle of the screen. Director Daniel Roher kicked off the screening with a brief introduction. I didn’t know much about Navalny except that he was the leader of the Russian opposition against Putin. My limited knowledge did not matter to appreciate the film. The documentary follows Navalny’s recovery from an assassination attempt followed by his hunt to find out who targeted him and why. The subject was fascinating and sometimes even comical.

The two hour and ten minute projection flew away. But the fun wasn’t over yet. Attendees were then treated to a Q&A led by Rolling Stone editor David Fear between the director, Maya editors Daisy Hawke and Langdon Page, and two of Navalny’s bandmates, Maria Pevchikh and Chris Grozev, both featured in the film.

After an insightful Q&A, guests, cast, and crew attended a reception in the lobby. Refreshments included a dim sum platter and complementary access to DCTV’s many drinks. Click on the gallery above to view photos from the event.


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