Dazed and Confused vs. Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Which Movie Is Better?


Dazed and Confused and Fast Times at Ridgemont High are cult classic stoner comedies, but one is actually a bigger hit.

Some comedies are for the ages, and while some aspects of those movies haven’t aged well, both Dazed and confused and Fast times at Ridgemont High testify to how successful comedy can last for generations. They’re both comedic coming-of-age movies that follow high school freshmen and seniors, celebrating major milestones in their lives. They’re also both considered stoner comedies because they allow for a focus on the use of marijuana throughout history, both for comedy and to bring teenage realism to life over the course of the story. these decades.

Although the two Richard Linklaters Dazed and confused and that of Amy Heckerling Fast times at Ridgemont High were flops when they hit theaters, they’ve achieved cult classic status over the years, garnering fan bases from all over. Because they are so similar, it’s hard not to compare the two. But is one of them a better film than the other?

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Dazed and Confused has better critical reception than Fast Times

Fast times at Ridgemont High Sean Penn

Even though both of these films flopped at the box office, they still amassed huge fanbases due to their success in a specific comedy subgenre. But critics still had things to say about them both. The reviews were harsh Fast times at Ridgemont High — Metacritic only gives it a metascore of 61, and the user’s score is not much higher. Some critics felt that the tone was inconsistent and relied too heavily on the exploitation of young people. To be fair, some aspects of the movie haven’t aged very well.

On the other hand, Dazed and confused has received a metascore of 78which, while not amazing, is a bit better than Fast times. Critics felt it combined the best of comedy with meaningful themes like belonging and youthful hope. It seems that the reviews were more favorable to Dazed and confused because it felt like a cohesive movie, with every detail thought out.

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Dazed and Confused uses Stoner Comedy better than Fast Times

Dazed and confused movie

While the two Dazed and confused and Fast times at Ridgemont High are both considered stoner comedies, one of them best sums up this genre. Dazed and confused ultimately uses stoner comedy to greater effect. While Fast times has three pothead wildcards, this is the only time marijuana is used or referenced. It is not imposed on others or shared – it simply characterizes and reinforces stereotypes surrounding pot smokers. Conversely, Dazed and confused uses drugs to his advantage, showing how different types of people smoke weed and that it’s not always something that turns someone into a stereotypical smoker like those featured in Fast times. Although the comedy style is similar in both films, Dazed and confused uses the stoner comedy genre to the fullest extent possible, using it to laugh and be relatable.

Dizzy and confused might have a bigger legacy

Fast times at Ridgemont High

Fast times at Ridgemont High has definitely achieved a cult following, but he doesn’t have the legacy that Dazed and confused has accumulated over the years. The film won the Star of Texas award from the Texas Film Hall of Fame in 2013, which marked the film’s 20th anniversary. It cemented Matthew McConaughey’s iconic line, “Okay, okay, okay,” which reappeared in several of his other films and even in a commercial. When people hear the word “stoner movie”, many immediately think of Dazed and confused. If they can also think of Fast times at Ridgemont Highit’s usually not the first that comes to mind.

Which Stoner comedy reigns supreme?

Dazed and confused freshmen

Ultimately, the best movie depends on the viewer. But from an objective point of view, Dazed and confused seems like a better movie overall. It combines the best of teen melodrama with stoner comedy to tell a meaningful story that many people young and old can relate to. While Fast times at Ridgemont High is definitely a funny movie, it’s not as put together or thought out as Dazed and confused. The movie made a statement both as a comedy and as a coming-of-age story that stands out from the crowd. They will both go down in history as cult classics, but Dazed and confused can be remembered with more fondness.

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