Dark tales fill theaters this coming week


FAIRFIELD — Several films will be released this week that deal with terror in many forms, from trying to escape a bloody past to amphibious, sharp-toothed creatures from the depths. It’s great fun if you keep the lights on.

“To clean,” the story of a garbage collector named Clean (Adrien Brody) who hides from his past as an assassin. Her life has changed so much, but her attempts at good cannot escape the evils of the world. He is brought back into his role as a killer to help save a girl. This film is rated R.

“Gamestop: Rise of the Payers,” which documents the rise of brick-and-mortar video game retailer GameStop and would be the end of a longtime store if not for a large number of loyal supporters who decided that Wall Street might have abandoned GameStop, but they hadn’t done it. Instead, they organized, researched and purchased enough shares to increase the stock by 2,500% in value by January 2021. The action showed the experts that they were not the only ones with financial power, the little guy could fight back. The documentary is unrated.

“Brighton 4th”, in which former wrestler Kakhi (played by real Olympic champion Levan Tediashvili) travels from the Republic of Georgia to visit his son Soso (Giorgi Tabidze) in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, in a Russian neighborhood. His son told him a story of success in America, but it is quickly discovered that Soso is not studying medicine but rather works for a moving company and has accumulated a $14,000 gambling debt to a Russian mob boss. local. Soso’s father decides to help, which leads to comical failures before the issues can be resolved. This film is not rated.

“In the forest,” a thriller about a mother who fights to save her family from an evil landlord after a disastrous camping trip. The film stars Lyman Ward, Time Winters and Kaitlyn Dias. The film is rated PG.

“The shark” a story of terror for a young couple, Jaelyn (Alicia Silverstone) and Kyle (James Tupper), who go on vacation to Vietnam where they are beset by a terrible storm. The pair are swept out to sea and must battle not only the elements, but also a school of sharks that smell of blood and are determined to get hold of it. The film is rated R.

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