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Daniel craig has been playing the titular role of James Bond since 2006 with Casino Royale continuing over the next decade in a half with Quantum of Consolation in 2008, 2012 Fall from the sky, and Spectrum in 2015. Now Craig is officially hanging up on gadgets and stepping away from the series with the recent No time to die.

During the press conference for the film, The Guardian had the chance to sit down with Craig and ask him a series of questions from their readers as well as fellow film industry colleagues. Craig spoke of the times he was bombarded with fruit on stage, where he would choose to live without any other constraints, and what his favorite art form is.

When Jamie lee curtis Asked what would be the biggest departure for Craig after Bond, a musical or becoming a mime, Craig replied:

“Maybe both! In some kind of weird musical mime show with Jamie. I don’t know. I’m very lucky to have had Benoit Blanc. [in Knives Out] play with. I can’t believe I’m James Bond; I can’t believe I’m Benoit Blanc, but it’s true. ”


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Actress Anne reid asked if Craig regretted playing a role, and as he shyly played the Bond actor replied:

“Not with you, Anne, for sure. But yeah. I don’t mean what movie, because it’s not fair. I used to get into Blockbuster – which shows you how old it is. a – and that would be the shelves, maybe not even the DVD but the VHS. I grabbed it and threw it under the counter. I know it was just a little protest – it was just my Blockbuster – but it was a way of never seeing that movie again. But I never really regretted anything desperately. I think once you commit to something, you go: it’s that is what it is, good or bad. ”

Craig’s co-star from Knives Out, Toni Collette asked him if he had a favorite art form, to which Craig replied:

“My God. I love all art forms. I love a good show. I love to be taken somewhere and I love to be fooled. I love to cry, I love to laugh. When art does. that – and he does, very often, the fact that it can be music, it can be anything, it can be a TV commercial if it’s the right one. a bath. When I watched That, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so emotional.’ Maybe because I missed England. ”

Speaking of Knives Out, director Rian johnson also had a question, which he says he asks to anyone who has done theater: “What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had performing on stage?” Craig’s response was a true horror story.

“Being bombarded with opal fruit [AKA Starbursts] at the Tyne Theater and Opera House when I must have been about 16 or 17. We were doing three morning afternoons a week and it was just school buses of kids who didn’t like to see Romeo and Juliet. They had bags of Opal Fruits and they were constantly throwing them on stage. Eventually, I got so fed up that I started eating them, which drew a round of applause. ”

Of No time to die co-featured Naomie harris, Craig also answered where in the world he would choose to live now that he has no constraints, and what he would choose to do with his life:

“I would love to be at sea. I’m afraid of the ocean. It’s a scary place, but also incredibly beautiful. If I had a choice, I would do something where I should go and be challenged by This. A lifeboat? I always had a fantasy of crossing the Atlantic by boat, but I didn’t really see myself on cruise ships. You can actually do it on freighters, I think, as a ‘guest of a captain. It’s very attractive. Not having light pollution, under a canopy of stars, would be spectacular. ”

To read Craig’s answers, the full list of questions, including those from Finn wittrock, Samantha morton, and David Morrissey, The Guardian’s full article is linked here.

Craig stars in his fifth and final film release as the iconic Mr. Bond in No time to die, which hits US theaters on October 8. Watch the official trailer for the new James bond movie below:

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