Curtis Reeves’ trial continues, but will the movie shooter speak up?


It remains unclear if Curtis Reeves will speak this week as his legal team scrambles to prove he shot Chad Oulson at a Wesley Chapel movie theater in self-defense nearly eight years ago .


On Wednesday, the testimony focused on science and medicine. Jurors heard a video recording of Dr. Michael Foley’s testimony during Reeves’ Stand Your Ground hearing. The forensic radiologist said Reeves suffered from arthritis, which made him frail and limited his mobility.

However, the prosecutor pointed out that the expert never assessed or treated Reeves and made general assumptions.

TO SUMMARIZE: Curtis Reeves trial underway 8 years after fatal Florida movie theater shooting

On Tuesday, the jury saw hours of enhanced video of the fatal 2014 shooting. The defense tried to prove that a light source in the video is Oulson throwing his phone at Reeves, but prosecutors said it was a reflection. The grainy surveillance video shows Chad Oulson throwing popcorn at Curtis Reeves and Reeves pulling out a gun and firing a fatal shot. But before that, there is a white flash on the screen.

Video forensic expert Bruce Koenig who spoke said he could say, with certainty, what exactly it was. He even went to the Cobb Theater to get to the bottom of it, but couldn’t.

“The cameras hadn’t been changed,” he explained. “We realized we couldn’t try to identify where that light source would be, or what it was.”

PREVIOUS: Curtis Reeves video expert unable to determine if ‘reflection’ in surveillance video is victim throwing phone

Later, Joanna Turner, another eyewitness inside the theater that day, said she remembered a quick move or movement from Oulson before filming. She described it as a thrown thermos-like object.

But in cross-examination, the prosecutor challenged his memory and ruled out that the object was a cell phone. Turner confirmed that she did not see a cell phone.

On Monday, the defense surprised the courtroom by summoning the defendant’s wife, who was there when her husband fired a shot, killing film buff Chad Oulson. Vivian Reeves told the jury that she was seated next to her husband when the confrontation between him and Oulson unfolded. She said Oulson got angry when her husband asked her to put away her cellphone.

CONTINUED: Curtis Reeves’ wife testifies in film shooting trial

Last week, prosecutors called Nicole Oulson to the stand after opening statements.

“I see his eyes were just glazed over and I knew then,” Chad’s widow said. “I said to him, ‘Chad, we need you, please hang in there, we need you. “”

The eighth day of the Curtis Reeves trial resumes Wednesday morning.


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