Criticizing films will limit filmmakers: Bharathiraja, Vetrimaaran in Jai Bhim row of Suriya




“I am writing to you as a filmmaker who has spoken out on injustice and social disparities. Celluloid is something that talks about several issues – education, love, good, bad, and other social reforms. The media presented these issues to the masses, ”Bharathiraja said. He also added that the cinema has been one of the standard bearers in getting the company back on track. “That’s why the protagonist is always portrayed in a good light. While several real-life incidents inspire the storylines, it’s up to people to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. They’ve always embraced it. the good stories and ignored the false representations, ”he said in his letter to PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss.

The veteran filmmaker went on to say that Jai Bhim produced by Suriya and Jyothika and directed by TJ Gnanavel conveyed to people what he was supposed to do. “To scrutinize films and criticize them would only restrict the filmmakers and also cease to denounce the injustices that the oppressed community has suffered. “

Vetrimaaran also followed the list of supportive celebrities.

“Director TJ Gnanavel’s commitment to making this film to bring the plight of the victims and Suriya’s constant efforts to promote social justice on and off screen to the world is truly inspiring,” he said. -he writes.

The director added that it was only natural that these films would create a sensation among those who don’t want the status quo to change. “Films that challenge inequalities and injustices towards society are also weapons for social justice. We support the whole #JaiBhim (sic) team, ”he said on Twitter.

Removing references to the revered symbol of the community of Vanniyar, the raging firepot, apologies for overwhelming, tarnishing and tarnishing the reputation of the community, refraining from similar malicious measures and paying Rs 5 crore in damages -interests were the requests made in the legal opinion.

In the event of non-compliance, Jai Bhim’s team, including the producers, director and actor Suriya, who played the lead role, would be liable to both civil and criminal prosecution for damage to reputation and moral suffering, the formal notice, which was also sent to the OTT Amazon (Prime Video) platform that released the film, said.

The crux of the allegations found in the notice is that the community of Vanniyar has been portrayed in a “bad light”, vilified by naming the evil police sub-inspector as “Guru” (Gurumurthy) and presenting the pot symbol. community fire and these were both criminal and civil libel.

The notice said that while the real names of several people were kept in the film, the unjust police sub-inspector was called Guru, while the original name of the SI who tortured the innocent to death was Anthonysamy. .

According to the notice, giving a wicked character the name of a famous leader of the Vanniyar community, Guru, who was also a former member of the Legislative Assembly, and that aspect, when juxtaposed with the pot symbol sacred fire, would establish malicious intent.

‘Jai Bhim’ has recently been released in languages ​​such as Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The film, although based on an actual incident of torture in custody and death of a tribal man in 1995 in Tamil Nadu, had elements of fiction.



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