Could Ron’s Gone Wrong have a sequel? Here’s what the filmmakers are saying



While the weekend box office numbers certainly echo the name Dune repeatedly given the The massive debut of Denis Villeneuve’s film, which led to the following officially lit by Warner Bros, another new movie hit theaters last weekend: Ron went wrong. The Sci-Fi Family Animated Film Starring the Vocal Talents of Zach Galifianakis and Jack Dylan Grazer received great reviews overall And one “A” Cinemascore by moviegoers. So could he also have a sequel?

When CinemaBlend spoke to Ron went wrong filmmakers ahead of its release to find out if they imagined Barney and his faulty robot Ron returning for a sequel, co-director Jean-Philippe Vine has shared where their heads are at. In Vine’s words:

We started to think about how Ron’s world might grow and where we might go after this movie, but we’re kind of sticking with those ideas for now. But, it’s super exciting, you can see the progression that is going on with Ron and it also gives us the opportunity to do some really cool things with the story.

Looks like there’s an audience for it, Ron went wrong could very well continue beyond this first adventure. The filmmakers have already started to come up with ideas for the story to continue. Unfortunately, Ron went wrong has had a less than impressive opening weekend in theaters with a nationwide opening of $ 7.3 million and $ 17 million gross worldwide so far. In comparison, The Addams Family 2 made $ 17 million in its domestic opening weekend alone and made $ 75 million globally.

Contrary to Addams Family following, Ron went wrong is an original IP that came out at a time when family movies were generally more successful in streaming than in theaters. When Ron went wrong coming to digital, there’s a possibility that it could grow into a much bigger audience than it currently has, possibly leading to a sequel down the line. Ron went wrong is also the debut film by British animation studio Locksmith Animation, distributed by 20th Century Studios through Walt Disney Studios.

SPOILERS are ahead for Ron went wrong for the rest of the article.

Ron went wrong ends with uploading Barney’s Ron b-bot to the cloud and reprogramming all devices to look like him. Instead of the technology being based on an algorithm that helps kids befriend people with common interests, these b-bots inspire more organic (albeit more chaotic) friendships. By the end of the movie, Barney had to ditch Ron to the cloud, but he in turn formed some true friendships, surviving college.

Listen to me: I would like to see a Ron went wrong more when Barney is older, going to college or an adult in his twenties. Maybe something else is wrong with the bots years after Barney’s initial trip with him, and Marc contacts him to help him in another situation to fix the bots. Maybe over time Ron in the cloud has started to malfunction again because their real friendship has died down and Barney will have to reconnect with his childhood to help save the world.

This is just my rough pitch, but the Ron went wrong the filmmakers will certainly have their own great ideas for the film if it gets a sequel. While waiting to see you can check our interview with Jack Dylan Grazer and Zach Galifianakis, who spoke about their experience voicing their roles, and writers Peter Baynham and Sarah Smith, who shared how the film compares to Borat. See what other movies are coming out the rest of the year with CinemaBlend’s 2021 new movie release schedule.



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