Comedy films screened at the local film festival (photos)


The Film Festival Circuit came to Reno on Sunday and presented the Reno Comedy Film Festival at the Reno Little Theater. The festival featured submissions of short comedies from independent filmmakers.

It was the second time that the festival was held in Reno. The event was also held in Houston and Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon, with each festival featuring a different set of judges and submissions.

The films ranged from humorous content on social commentary, vegan / animal rights and fatherhood activism to comedy short films. More abstract content included “My Dinner with Weiner,” centered around a fictional date staged with Weiner Herzog by Klaus Kinski who attempts to assassinate Herzog for throwing him out of a screenplay.

The shorts also varied in the style of the elaborate cinematography as seen inAdventure dads ”, to more short films based on dialogues likeThe love cups “ starring Hollywood veteran Eddie Deezen.

Mikel Fair, owner of the festival, said he was holding the event in Reno with the aim of finding a market without a presence at the film festival and “bringing the films to as many markets as possible” with the aim of sharing the “untapped pool of talent.”

Filmmakers were present from as far away as New York and the event is expected to expand for future festivals, according to Fair.

The next Reno Comedy Film Festival is scheduled for March 2022 at a location that has yet to be announced. Admission is free and information for registrations, tickets and other FFC festival content is available at


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