Colonial Theater Hosts 23rd Annual “BlobFest” in Phoenixville, Chester County

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. (WPVI) — For the first time since the pandemic, the annual celebration of the classic 1950s sci-fi film “The Blob” has taken place.

The line was on the block Friday night to enter the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville for the 23rd year of “Blobfest.”

Many dressed to impress in their 1950s gear to play their part. Some even turned into “Blob”.

Part of “The Blob” was filmed at the Colonial Theater in 1957, and attendees were thrilled.

“This is where the movie was set, so we have to celebrate our local events, right?” said Jim Ork of Phoenixville.

“I think the last live was in 2019 and it was so much fun,” Phoenixville’s Grace Shinners of “Blobfest” said.

We even caught up with Marsha Ho who came all dressed up from New York to take part in what she called a “can’t miss event”.

“I have my whole family and we’re all dressed in 50s outfits, I pulled out the cat eye sunglasses for my daughter and me,” Ho said.

Inside the theater there was live music from the 1950s, played by the band The Beach Creepers.

There were also entertainment sketches hosted by Aurora Gorealis.

But of course, the highlight of the evening was when everyone inside got to run for their lives out of the theater – re-enacting the “exhausted” scene in “The Blob”.

“It was scary! The Blob was running after us!” said Hailey Willis of Phoenixville.

“Oh, it was so much fun. A lot of people dressed up and everything. It was a ball, a blast. I try to do it every year,” said Ruth Rusin of Sanatoga.

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