City of Nowata Achieves Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Certification


The Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF + MO), in collaboration with the City of Nowata and the Nowata Region Chamber of Commerce, is proud to announce that the Nowata community has achieved film friendly certification after have fulfilled the conditions required for OF + MO. Oklahoma Community Friendly Program.

“When I joined the Nowata Region Chamber of Commerce in February, I knew that bringing the film industry to Nowata was one of the first things I wanted to work on because filming has an impact on people. areas around us, ”said the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of the Nowata region. Ashley Watters. “Nowata may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer the film industry if its potential is properly harnessed. So that’s exactly what I worked hard to do. With the help of the community – and a few early mornings to catch the best of the sun – we are now able to showcase some great places that truly display what Nowata has to offer. A large business city, our community is ready to welcome the film and music industries.

Located just north of Tulsa, the town of Nowata has a rich history, with impressive period architecture, including brick roads and colonial architecture, which can be seen in many of its buildings and residences. downtown. The city has hosted a handful of previous film and television productions, including the shorts “1921: Black Wall Street” and “Joshua: Send Me,” as well as the upcoming documentary “An American Mystery”.

“Nowata was previously an under-represented community among our office film resources, including our online directory of Oklahoma locations, and thanks to the hard work and collaborative efforts of the Area Chamber of Commerce. Nowata, we are now able to present more of what makes the city so special. to future state film and television productions.

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About the Oklahoma Film + Music Office:
Under the direction of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, the Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF + MO) works to promote the state as a viable hub for film, television and music production, as well as further develop opportunities for workforce, business and community growth in these sectors. . For more information on the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, including state film incentives and additional resources, visit

About the Oklahoma Department of Commerce:
The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is the state’s primary economic development entity. The organization is responsible for supporting local communities, stimulating the growth of existing businesses, attracting new businesses and promoting the development and availability of a skilled workforce. Commerce also works to foster an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure in Oklahoma to encourage new business start-ups and partner with communities to ensure the growth and prosperity of existing businesses.

About the Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program:
An OF + MO initiative whose mission is to certify film-friendly communities in Oklahoma’s 77 counties, the Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program seeks to provide the necessary resources and toolkit for communities wishing to benefit more from the impact of the state’s booming film and television. industry. In line with program requirements, certified cities have demonstrated their willingness to support future film and television production by appointing a liaison officer, establishing a film license and increasing the representation of their community assets in the online directory of OF + MO’s Oklahoma sites. For more information about the program, visit


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