Chiranjeevi-Mohan Babu Confrontation Scenarios Star Wars in Tollywood | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: It was clash of the clans in the Telugu film industry when the Movie Artists Association (MAA) went to the polls on Sunday.
The clans worked together or against each other to gain supremacy in the industry. While some individuals in the clans were actively involved, some played their role behind the scenes and some chose not to be closely associated.
When Manchu Vishnu’s election as MAA president was announced late Sunday night, his father, veteran actor and producer, Mohan Babu gave him advice. “There will be some who want to cause trouble. Beware of them, ”he told his victorious son.
There was no doubt who he was talking about. Chiranjeevi has been his big rival in the industry when it comes to who is the greatest figure to command respect.
Earlier today, during a pre-results film, Chiranjeevi said: “Identify the person who started to create ill will in the industry in the recent past and take action against him.”
Cut to January 28, 2007. The occasion was the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the Telugu film industry.
The organizers honored Mohan Babu with the “Fame Award” and Chiranjeevi with the “Legend Award”. An enraged Mohan Babu criticized the organizers and also made comments against Chiranjeevi. “What makes me a celebrity and him a legend?” He asked himself.
The film industry then put her name on what they called a time capsule for the future to decide who the real legend was.
Whenever Mohan Babu aimed at Chiranjeevi, his two younger brothers Pawan Kalyan and Naga Babu took his defense. The clan would lose no opportunity to return to Mohan Babu.
For Mohan Babu, his two sons, Vishnu and Manoj, were his strength, apart from his followers.
Apart from these two, there is also the Akkineni clan, who have largely stayed away from MAA politics, but do not hesitate to play the minimum role expected of them – if it just means come and vote.
The NTR clan is the other big one. Nandamuri Balakrishna, the son of former CM NT Rama Rao, has always been opposed to Chiranjeevi.
While Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi on some occasions at least put on a show to pretend there was no grudge, Balakrishna made it clear that he had no lost love for Chiranjeevi. On one occasion, Mohan Babu presented Chiranjeevi’s son, Ram Charan Tej, with a wooden bicycle model. But Balakrishna stays away from such subtleties.
In MAA polls, Balakrishna spoke in favor of Manchu Vishnu. So it was mainly Chiranjeevi against Mohan Babu and Balakrishna. Prakash Raj backed by the Chiranjeevi clan could not win, but Mohan Babu’s son Vishnu emerged victorious. Even though everyone said ‘MAA’ was one family, the breakup is here to stay and could cause a bigger tear.

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