Cast of Hindi movie stars call Jalandhar: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Jalandhar, June 27

The star cast of an upcoming Hindi film “Romeo Ke Funday Laajawab” came to town on Monday.

The film, which will be released on July 8 this year, was directed by Mohali-based artist Amit Chandpuri. The film was also written and directed by him. He also plays the lead actor in the film and also sang a song in it. Chandpuri said “Romeo Ke Funday Laajawab” is a lighthearted comedy, a departure from regular remixes and remakes, which usually revamp older comedies.

Speaking to Circuit House media here, Chandpuri said, “Collecting alumni and casting them into a star-studded cast is very easy. However, the freshness seems to be lacking, especially in the comic genre. Instead, obsolescence seems to have set in. Since the 90s, the tendency to pick up old stories and redo them is repeated often and to this day. We tried to do something different. »

A theater actor who had been pursuing his passion for acting since 2008, Amit Chandpuri conceptualized this film to evoke the rustic humor of the North Indian outback. Chandpuri was accompanied by supporting actors Jai Sharma and Chander Mohan.

He shared, “Much of the film is in a local dialect used in Uttar Pradesh and the dialogue borrows heavily from proverbs commonly used in UP. Most of the star actors in the film are also from Shahjahanpur in UP as the city has an active theater scene. While working on the film, I found characters in the city that fit the bill of the film perfectly.

A new face in the film industry, Chandpuri said he wrote a new comedy story and produced it in this feature film to deliver a situational comedy with romance, action and drama woven with a social message.

He said the audience’s reaction to him indeed remains to be seen, but he tried to inject some novelty into the storyline. The movie has five songs of different genres, ranging from rap song to sweet romantic.


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