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Casper’s West Side Cinema is hoping to start serving alcohol with their popcorn.

Studio City owned Mesa Cinemas has applied for a restaurant liquor license, according to a city memo, under a new state law that allows licensing with “zones” distribution rather than distribution. of “rooms” for spirits. In the case of the theater, the note says, it would place the drinks in a locked refrigerator near the hot food area in the concessions.

The owners, according to the note, are also considering applying for a license in their theater on the east side, but city code currently prohibits issuing more than one license to the same person. A change in ordinance would have to take place for the owner to be eligible for the second license, the note says, or the owner could choose to apply under a different company.

Under the law passed this spring, which relaxes the definition of a restaurant authorized to sell alcohol, the theater may be able to meet the revised requirements by offering additional foods, including sandwiches, hot dogs. and pizzas.

Alcohol should be consumed on site, as prescribed by law. This would include its lobby or one of the seating areas of the theaters.

If licensed, employees over the age of 18 would be required to complete state-approved alcohol service training to be able to sell alcohol to customers.

The expanded menu offered for theater concessions includes chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken fillets, fries, pizzas and appetizers.

The application must be reviewed by the state’s liquor division, and local agencies will ensure the business is in compliance with city codes and ordinances before the license is approved.

On Tuesday, Casper City Council will vote to hold a public hearing for the license for the first week of December.

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