‘Bubble’ movie: Bucks site that hosted the Netflix movie


A new Netflix film has been released this week featuring Buckinghamshire’s most important country estate.

The “celebrity party animal’s playground” Hedsor House, was turned into a film set for four months during the pandemic for the making of the film “Bubble”.

Virtually the entire estate was used, including the majestic ballroom and the famous bridal suite. Many rooms have been redecorated, including the Willingdon Bar which has been completely transformed with a new fireplace.

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This Netflix exclusive is based on a group of actors and actresses stuck in a pandemic hotel bubble filming a sequel for a flying dinosaur franchise.

The Hedsor Estate has always been a popular location for the film industry due to its unique blend of historic features and its ability to be completely flexible with internal renovation.

It allows filmmakers to recreate new interiors while maintaining the classic vibe.

Nick Shephard, Partner at Hedsor House, says: “It’s always amazing to see how a skilled production team can transform a property and see how the process unfolds.

“The film industry was fortunate to be one of the few industries allowed to work during the lockdown and so we were delighted to be able to welcome them. Of course, safety came first, so there were strict protocols for everyone and daily PCR testing, but a little inconvenience to make sure everyone was safe!”

Mark Shephard, Managing Director of Hedsor House, said: “We are well known as a filming location and have been fortunate to have been involved in many incredible productions. These include big films like Quartet and The Golden Compass, BBC dramas like The Crown, Downton Abbey, Fleabag and other productions like Ricky Gervais’ Life’s Too Short and the magnificent Killing Eve.”

Bucks Free Press:

Scenes for an upcoming film starring Celine Dion were filmed in the Hedsor house in November 2020 and the BBC medical drama ‘This Is Going To Hurt’ depicting the secret diaries of a young doctor has also been shot. filmed in the domain in 2021.


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