Brisbane cinematographer reveals 10 questions to ask a video production company



Brisbane film company Danny Camara reveals ten questions to ask before hiring a video production company. Customers should consider the company’s experience, the services it offers, and more. Careful planning can give the client confidence that they will get the best production company for their project.

Brisbane cinematographer reveals 10 questions to ask a video production company

Brisbane video production company Danny Camara Cinematography reveals ten questions to ask before hiring a video production company. A spokesperson for the company said there are many factors to consider, including the experience of the company, the services it offers, and more. She adds that there are many companies to choose from, so careful planning can help the client be assured that they are getting the best production company for their project.

For examples of Danny Camara’s work go to The company is conveniently located a short drive or train ride from Brisbane’s central business district. The services offered are advertisements, educational videos and documentaries, corporate videos, product and service videos and event videos.

The spokesperson explained that, just like with hiring any other type of service provider, the key is to do your research, do your due diligence and ask the right questions. Good communication throughout the process is vital. The client will want a company that will answer their questions clearly in the first few meetings and not leave important questions to chance.

A small local business might be perfect for the project

Not all video production companies are the same. In fact, there is a big difference between a local business and a large national video advertising agency. And the smaller company might be better for a project. Here’s why:

– A small local business will know the area better than anyone else in order to have contacts and resources that another more distant business may not have;

– They have more flexibility in their pricing structure because they do not have as much overhead as a large advertising agency;

– They can offer personalized service, which is crucial when it comes to modifying or adding special features;

What can the customer expect in the first meeting?

The spokesperson said, “Members of the video production team will ask questions about the project, the company, so they know what kind of video to produce.

“They will want to know more about the company, the products or services and the target audience. They may also want to know how the video will be used (on the web? On a TV screen?) And how long it will last. The client should also prepare questions.

Ten questions a client should prepare

The spokesperson gave ten questions a client should ask before making the decision to hire:

1. How much will the full video cost? Are the prices clearly fixed? It is important to know how much the production of the video will cost. Otherwise, the final price might be too high for what the customer wanted in the first place.

2. Are there any other costs, such as travel costs or equipment costs? Some companies may charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the budget as a travel expense to get to a location. The necessary equipment is also an item to consider as it will also affect the price.

3. What type of lead time is estimated? Depending on how the video will be used, it may be better to spend more time on it and get better quality than rush it and do poor quality.

4. The contract may or may not include a provision that allows the project to be canceled before a certain date and the client owes only a small amount.

5. How much control does the client have over editing and special effects? The customer may want to specify the control they will have over the final product. How much editing will the client want to do?

6. Will the production company provide a list of references that the client can call to inquire about the quality of their work and customer service? Most companies provide a list of references.

7. Do they have other alliances and partners? Many video production companies partner with other types of businesses so that they can offer other services like photography, event management, etc.

8. Do they offer an affordable package? Many video production companies offer a range of different packages, all of which can be customized to suit job requirements and budget, and will strive to find the best fit for the client.

9. It is not very encouraging to work with a company that is too inflexible in the face of change. Ask if they allow the customer to make changes until the final cut. It is generally understood that changes after the final cut will pay off.

10. If the customer can make changes after final editing, what is the process for making changes or adding special features to the video after it is finished? Check that there is such a process so that there is no misunderstanding about it.

The spokesperson pointed out that asking these 10 questions will help a customer get the most out of a video production experience. It’s also a good idea to ask the production company to talk about their past experiences and see samples of their work.


Danny Camara Cinematography is a video production company that provides expertise to production companies, advertising / marketing agencies and businesses of all sizes from concept creation to final delivery. Their experiences span the creation of commercials, branded content, documentaries and films. Their services are available in Australia and New Zealand.

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