Brendan Fraser denounces the cancellation of Batgirl


In an interview with Variety, Brendan Fraser condemned Warner Bros.’ cancellation of “Batgirl.” Discovery. “It’s tragic,” the actor said. “It doesn’t engender trust between the filmmakers and the studio.”

The ‘Doom Patrol’ star went on to praise Leslie Grace’s performance as Batgirl, describing her as a “dynamo.” He also noted that the film mostly used practical effects, including the use of real flamethrowers – a rarity in the modern age of CGI-soaked superheroes. “Everything we shot was real and exciting and it was just the antithesis of just a completely green digital screen,” he said. “It was a big budget movie, but stripped down to the bare essentials.”

Fraser isn’t the first talent involved to mourn the film. “Batgirl” directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah released a statement: “As directors, it is essential that our work be shown to the public, and although the film is far from complete, we want the fans around the world had the opportunity to see and embrace the final film for themselves.” Likewise, the “Batgirl” composer made no secret of her disappointment at the cancellation, revealing to DiscussingFilm that the score was largely complete.

Although it looks like “Batgirl” won’t see the light of day, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the film is undergoing internal “funeral screenings” on the grounds of Warner Bros. in August. Perhaps these images could be made public one day and finally give audiences a better look at what could have been.


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