Breath Of The Wild Player Kills Guardian With Anime Swordplay


Is there a better argument for breath of the wild having one of the greatest open worlds of all time than the fact that, so many years after its release, players are always playing around with the objects and physics in the game to do cool stuff we’ve never seen before?

Like, watch this video by Japanese gamer Blurry Cat. Or, more specifically, watch the first 20 seconds and watch what he does to that poor Guardian.

From the midair break to the powerful slice, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was just mod, creative cinematography. But the next eight minutes of the video explains how it was done, and while it’s almost all in Japanese, the language of this game is universal, so you can pretty much easily follow what is happening.

It starts with practicing what is known like TCR, or Thunderclap Rush. The high jump and the break consist of dropping chu chu jelly on the ground and hitting it. Then there are tangles with F from Urbosaury and Stasis Effects. Followed by some practice with a bomb glitch that lets you flyand finally a real-time demonstration of how it all comes together for the killing blow.

I love this. First for the kill itself, of course. Like I said before, it’s crazy that we’re five years after the game’s release and we’re still seeing cool new things coming out of its community.. It proves that Nintendo’s approach to open world design for breath of the wildwhich favors a playful side, The sandbox approach has so much more longevity than, say, Ubisoft’s efforts.

But I also appreciate the structure of the video itself. I’m someone who could never, ever do something like this on my own, so being able to see how the sausage was made-both just so I know, but also so I can admire the work that has gone into it-is greatly appreciated!


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