Black swan scene Mila Kunis hated filming


As “Black Swan” progresses to its heartbreaking end, Nina falls into an unstable state, becoming increasingly unsure of what is and isn’t reality. At one point, she and Lily have sex after a night out drinking together. When Nina confronts Lily about it, Lily denies that it happened, and Nina is unsure if it was a hallucination or not. Although the love scene was a pivotal moment in the plot, Kunis didn’t enjoy filming it so much.

Although Kunis and Portman both felt that “Black Swan” transformed them as actors, Kunis said Parade from the love scene in the movie, “I don’t think we were laughing between takes. I think we were like, ‘Let’s end this. “It’s uncomfortable doing a sex scene. It’s just weird. Luckily we were friends so we were able to get by.” Portman echoed these sentiments when speaking to MTV News, stating: “It was pretty awkward. I almost felt like it would be easier to do it with someone you don’t know. But, that said, it was great to have a friend there. -low.”

While admitting her unease, Kunis also touched on how the scene plays such a pivotal role in the film’s plot – although this is a scene that she knows has drawn a lot of (at times misinterpreted) ). Warning on its own for its general risky nature. She told Parade: “We were just hoping people would walk away after seeing the movie, not just isolating in their memory that scene when we have sex.… It wasn’t meant to be shocking, but we weren’t looking forward to it. “


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