BILLY KNIGHT: Al Pacino set to star in independent film about struggling filmmakers


Al Pacino is set to return in an upcoming independent film

Oscar winner Al Pacino should return to the screen with his role in the next independent film, Billy Knight.

Al Pacino will return to the screen in an indie drama titled Billy Knight. We last saw the Oscar-winning actor in Gucci House Thanksgiving passed, and now, the actor has taken on a role in a movie that may be a little more inspiring than his last pic. It’s called Billy Knight and also stars newcomers Charlie Heaton and Diana Silvers.


This new image will start filming in Los Angeles this week and it’s directed by newcomer Alec Griffen Roth. This marks a departure for Pacino from his star dishes such as Gucci House and Martin Scorsese’s 2019 drama, The Irishman.

In the new film, Heaton and Silvers play graduate film students who go in search of “Billy Knight.” Heaton’s character’s father passed away and the father always wanted to be a screenwriter. This aforementioned character, “Billy Knight,” holds the key to graduate students discovering more about Alex’s father, Heaton’s character, and, eventually, Hollywood and movie magic.

Pacino won his Oscar in the terrific 1992 comedy/drama The scent of a woman which also starred Chris O’Donnell. The speech Pacino’s character gave towards the end of this Oscar-nominated masterpiece proved to be one of the most influential speeches of all time and it inspired applause from the crowd when the movie originally aired on cinema screens when it was originally released.

Heaton is known for ‘Stranger Things’ while Silvers had a decent role in Olivia Wilde’s beautiful teen comedy, Library. They are two excellent young performers who will join screen veteran Pacino in an unmissable tale of dreams and aspirations.

Al Pacino is no stranger to directing small films as well as the big budget studio poles for which he is best known. In 2015, Pacino directed the terrific underseen drama Danny Collins in which the actor took on a more reserved role than those he usually plays in a truly moving story about fame, family and dealing with the past. Annette Bening and Jennifer Garner co-starred in the story which revolved around an old letter written by John Lennon. It seems like Billy Knight could be on the same emotional level as this photo from 2015.

While the legendary Pacino has always been an entertainer with a larger-than-life screen presence, you can expect Billy Knight most likely to be an intimate look at how art imitates and influences life.

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