Award-winning filmmakers meet for Chinese TV series “Double Tap”, an innovation and breakthrough in Chinese streaming dramas


New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – September 27, 2021) – Co-produced by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd, Beijing Quku Pictures Media Co., Ltd, Wuxi Quku Congyun Film and Television Media Co., Ltd and Beijing Sparkle Roll Media Corporation, the Chinese streaming series ‘Double Tap’, the latest work from producer Duan Yihong and directors Fei Yuzhu and Chen Zhoufei has been on the platform since September 9 with a full cast of Duan Yihong, Dapeng, Zeng Meihuizi, Zheng Chuyi, Zhang Guoqiang, Xing Jiadong, Liu Weiwei, Shen Qi and Liu Yiran.

The poster for ‘Double Tap’

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With suspenseful themes, crime stories and a professional production team, the series has received a lot of attention from internet users since its official release announcement. It didn’t let them down after it aired, receiving many positive views. So far, ‘Double Tap’ has successfully entered the 8-point (out of 10) club of Chinese rating site Douban, becoming one of the streaming dramas with the most attention and discussion in 2021, which shows the strong potential to become this year of reputation of black horse.

‘Double Tap’ was produced by leading Chinese filmmakers and polished to film production standards. Its production team includes the original crew of the film ‘The Looming Storm’, winner of the award for Best Actor and Best Artistic Contribution at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival and the FIPRESCI Award, which also had six nominations for the 55e Golden Horse Awards, aimed at ensuring the quality of the drama.

Its cinematographer Cai Tao, who won the Best Cinematography at the China Academy Awards of Documentary Film for the film “Twenty Two”, forged her shooting style. Lü Dong, who was nominated for Best Artistic Direction at the Asian Film Awards, worked for the films “So Long, My Son”, “Lost and Love” and “Kekexili: Mountain Patrol” as artistic director. Nominated for a Golden Horse Award for Best Makeup and Costume Design, Li Hua, whose previous films including “Mountains May Depart” and “Wild Goose Lake”, have carefully customized unique shapes for the entire team, based on the characteristics of hard and cold shooting location in ‘Double Tap’. Donglin A, who worked for the films “The Looming Storm”, “Black Coal, Thin Ice” and “Wild Goose Lake”, joined the series to create an atmosphere of real and severe cold for the audience.

The top production crew with pure suspense and criminal blood brought audiences a visual and aesthetic feast. With both the sense of ice and snow in the drama and the design of the action that shows a violent aesthetic, ‘Double Tap’ allows people to witness breakthroughs and innovations in turn of achievements. aesthetics of Chinese dramas in super streaming.

In addition to the delicacy of the visual effects, the team at ‘Double Tap’ also worked hard for the recording, dubbing and post-production. Its audio editors Zhang Jinyan and Long Xiaozhu were nominated for Best Sound Recording at the Golden Rooster Award for Chinese Film and for Best Sound Effect at the Golden Horse Award for the film “The Looming Storm”. Renowned musician A Kun who worked for the film “The Wandering Earth” and the documentary “A Bite of China”, was the director of the soundtrack of “Double Tap”. Qian Fang, the editor of “Run For Young”, “Song of Youth” and “Fleet of Time”, and He Yongyi, the editor of “The Eight Hundreds” have completed post-production of the drama.

Duan Yihong took part in the main production for the first time, and the golden film crew promoted the upgrading of the streaming drama

The TV series ‘Double Tap’ tells the story of Beijing policeman Li Huiyan (played by Duan Yihong) who came to Shuangta, a small town in northeast China for a kidnapping case and met the croque -dead Zhou You (played by Dapeng) who hoped to find the truth behind the murder case of his father. The two were accidentally involved in a grievance story that spanned twenty-six years.

Double winner of the Best Actor Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Best Actor Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, Duan Yihong was executive producer for the first time. Chief producer Xiao Qiancao previously worked for the movie “The Looming Storm” and participated in “Black Coal, Thin Ice”. Producer Chen Ying, who was involved in the production of “The Looming Storm” and “The Final Blade,” also took on the responsibility of casting roles, discovering veteran actors and outstanding young actors such as Zheng Chuyi and Liu Yiran. .

Director Fei Yuzhu was nominated for Best Picture at the 12th FIRST Youth Film Festival for “Summer Can Wait”. Co-director Chen Zhoufei has worked with famous directors such as Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige and Gu Changwei in “The Equation of Love and Death”, “Sacrifice”, “Shadow”, “Cliff Walkers” and many other works like the director of photography. The two directors tweaked the TV series with filmmaking techniques and lens programming methods. Streaming drama has been enhanced from several dimensions such as amount of information and dramatic tension. Screenwriter Jia Changan, who created ‘Eternal Wave’ and ‘The Blood Brothers’, seamlessly incorporated the regional characteristics of her hometown into the story, bringing a true and warm case to audiences.

Chinese Super Drama Streaming with Big Screen Mobile Phone Experience, Highlighting Breakthroughs and Innovations

The ingenuity and high quality of “Double Tap” not only aroused the interest of audiences who have become accustomed to watching multi-speed online dramas, but also won industry praise for its high level of performance. artistic creativity. The simple black and white tones the crew used transform the icy, snowy land into a traditional Chinese ink painting. After watching the show, many viewers said that “every scene has a sense of high class that can be used as cell phone wallpaper.”

“Aesthetic texture” and “strong immersion” are the shared comments of the public towards the series. Behind this is the hard work day and night and the efforts of the crew. According to director Chen Zhoufei, the filming schedule for “Double Tap” was organized at the level of a film, aiming at the same audiovisual aesthetic as the film production. Film producer Chen Ying also noted that, in order to realize the insistence of the main creators on the aesthetic style of the documentary, the team chose Yanji as the main filming location, where there is heavy snow in winter, offering the public the most realistic experience both physically and psychologically: the feeling of extreme cold.

The team insisted on filming scenes on location, including the panoramic view of the alleys, the deep snow of northeast China, the secluded house in the forest, and the escape to the land of snows, all of which have made the audience sigh that “100% have restored the extremely cold snowfield of northeast China, and I can feel the sincerity and professionalism of the crew!” As a premier streaming drama, the unique live-action filming of “Double Tap” and the almost severe personal demands of the entire crew not only made audiences keep cheering it on, but also enabled the entire industry to see breakthroughs and innovations in the visual aesthetics and high quality of Chinese streaming dramas.

In addition, the violent scenes in “Double Detective” also made the audience feel blood rushing through their veins. Plus, close-up fight scenes, thrilling car chases and gun shots as well as fighting and desperate chase among the tough guys, make hearts beat faster. It is the dedication and perseverance of the production team towards art and quality that has praised many internet users: “This is the first time that I enjoy watching a drama streaming with the sensation from the big screen via a mobile phone!

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