Artists and Filmmakers Are Embracing Blockchain Technology; Songs and movies may soon be released as Nfts


Blockchain services platform Zeeve believes that the media and entertainment industry is in the right place at the right time to capitalize on blockchain technology. The company’s recent blog post reveals that Hollywood is already working on monetizing NFTs of famous actors and beloved movie characters in collaboration with blockchain companies and NFT marketplaces.

For example, Clerks and Chasing Amy producer Kevin Smith is set to release his highly anticipated film Killroy Was Here via NFT. This means that only a few selected buyers of the tokens will be able to obtain them. He had debuted the movie’s trailer much earlier in 2020 at Comic-Con and later revealed that he was going the NFT route in 2021.

Killroy Was Here will be available via 5,555 NFTs, with each copy featuring commentary and behind-the-scenes footage (BTS). These tokens will be released on Legendao, Secret Network’s NFT mining platform, in collaboration with NFT platforms Semkhor and Curio. NFTs are expected to be available later this year. However, most of the fans who were eagerly awaiting the release of the film will unfortunately not be able to access it.

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“When you buy the KillRoy NFT, you get exclusive access to the movie. But more importantly, the specific version of KillRoy you get is YOUR KillRoy to do with whatever you want: make your own movie, turn it into cartoon, license it for the lunchboxes! We’ve started the story; now YOU can continue with your own version of our titular character! And with a brand new chapter that I’ll be shooting next year, the short footage and animations that KillRoy NFT owners create with their very own KillRoys will make up the bulk of our sequel anthology. The KillRoy NFT offers an exciting and unique opportunity to transition from art collector to collaborating artist” , Kevin Smith said in a statement.

But Smith isn’t the only one relying on NFTs for his production release. The arrival of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has sent the digital collectibles segment through the roof. It opened up unique possibilities for media and production houses, singers and lyricists, and other key icons. World-renowned rapper Snoop Dogg is also following the same bandwagon when it comes to music.

The star singer plans to release his 90s hit song, Nuthin’ But a G Thang, as NFT via his recently acquired Death Row Records. He has also actively partnered with Clay Nation to post a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. The collection will consist of algorithmically designed clay models, previously unreleased Snoop tracks, and other memorabilia.

“It’s official: Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici will be collaborating with Clay Nation to deliver classic memorabilia, unreleased songs and limited edition pitches,” Clay Nation tweeted. Champ Medici is a renowned NFT artist who will play a vital role in the three-way partnership between Snoop Dogg, Clay Nation, and Cardano.

No stranger to the world of crypto, Snoop Dogg stepped into the limelight when he partnered with content monetization platform The Sandbox in 2021 to launch the LAND series, featuring 122 virtual LAND plots and 67 plots LAND premium. He is also invested in the development of his own metaverse called Snoopverse.

Since geographies do not limit blockchain technology, it allows content creators, artists, designers, songwriters, etc. to participate in the global economy from any corner of the world. It effectively fills the big gaps of the past, and the media and entertainment industry is rapidly becoming familiar with blockchain technology and moving towards its adoption rapidly.

(Edited by : Priyanka Deshpande)

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