Arri expands its range of Orbiter accessories


The Orbiter Docking Ring, Orbiter Bag-o-Light, Orbiter Glass Cover and Orbiter Dome Mini are now available.

Arrive widens its range of accessories for the Orbiter LED luminaire with Orbiter Docking Ring, Orbiter Bag-o-Light, Orbiter Glass Cover and Orbiter Dome Mini.

Featuring a unique quick light mounting system, the Orbiter docking ring allows the fixture to accept a variety of industry standard third-party optics, expanding the application possibilities of the fixture. The adapter connects without any additional tools to the QLM of each Orbiter. The ring is automatically recognized by the luminaire and the light output is automatically adjusted. Thanks to the built-in automatic cooling fan, the use of third-party optics is also safe.

The tool allows the attachment of a wide range of compatible optics from various manufacturers, including projection optics, Fresnel and Cyc-optics (up to 17.4 pounds in weight). The mooring ring itself weighs 2.2 pounds and measures 9.7″ x 8.9″ x 3.4″, making it easy to transport. The ring is not needed when applying Arri optics and accessories.

The Orbiter Bag-o-Light allows users to create soft, nearly shadow-free illumination. The accessory looks like a large tube and can be attached to Orbiter’s 15° Open Face optic. When inflated, it measures 6’7″ long with an 8 1/2″ diameter and weighs less than 2 pounds.

The Orbiter Glass Cover is a compact and lightweight optical accessory made of ultra-translucent glass. It allows full and unlimited light output without affecting color temperature or quality. The built-in QLM in Orbiter makes editing easy. The glass cover also simultaneously protects the Orbiter’s lightweight engine and can be used in place of the transport cap cover.

The Orbiter Dome Mini, a compact version of the Dome optic, provides high intensity omnidirectional light. Its highly translucent material minimizes light loss. It is ideal for short distance applications with limited available space. The QLM in Orbiter allows easy attachment of the Dome Mini.

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