Are the cinemas open today? Explanation of New Years opening and closing times


MOVIE theaters are changing their schedules due to the New Year holidays.

Nationwide movie theater schedules are adjusted to reflect the circumstances presented by the unfolding December holiday.


Across the country, the December holidays are considered the slowest working days compared to the rest of the year, so businesses close their doors for a day.Credit: Getty

Are the cinemas open during the New Year?

Sometimes businesses close their doors throughout New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Similar to their Christmas hours, most cinemas choose to stay open during New Years Eve and New Years.

AMC Theaters will operate during their regular opening hours, just like their Christmas hours.

Not all theaters will follow the normal opening and closing hours of AMC theaters, it is best to check with your local theater.

Are the cinemas open at Christmas?

Each year the holiday season presents a change in hours of operation nationwide.

Movie theaters could be the exception to the change in commercial availability that takes place for most businesses every Christmas.

AMC Theaters have decided to operate at their regular hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

For specific movie times that do not apply to AMC theaters, it is recommended that you check with your local movie theater.


What films are available at the cinema?

For those who are not celebrating Christmas or want to see a movie on New Years Eve, they are in luck.

There are a number of films available to watch in theaters during the December holidays.

Spider-Man: No Way Home released on Friday, December 17, so if viewers aren’t up to speed on any Marvel favorites, the holidays might be the time to do so.

Other films released in December included A Journal for Jordan, American Underdog, Licorice Pizza, and The Tragedy of MacBeth.

Be sure to check your local listings for movie screening times.


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