AP Film Corporation launches movie ticket sales portal


The Andhra Pradesh Film, Television and Theater Development Corporation (APSFTTDC) will launch a portal titled “Your Screens” to sell cinema tickets at affordable prices stipulated by the government without hefty extra charges.

APSFTTDC chief executive T. Vijay Kumar Reddy in a press release on Wednesday said theaters could still sell 50% of tickets through service providers under existing agreements. The initiative aims to curb the black market in tickets, he said.

He said that once the government portal is ready, tickets will be available at exclusive rates of ₹20 to ₹25 charged in addition to actual prices on other booking portals. Under the new system, tickets would be sold at a nominal additional amount of ₹1.95 for platform fees.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Reddy pointed out that the online ticket was introduced by the government after extensive discussions with exhibitors, distributors, producers, service providers and representatives of 24 film industry craft associations in September of Last year.

Government revenue from online ticket sales would be credited to theaters’ bank accounts on the day.

The agreements with private providers that existed on December 17, 2021 have already been extended.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has ordered an investigation into alleged misconduct by a major private online ticket seller on the basis of prima facie evidence, Mr. Vijay Kumar Reddy has added.


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